Dave, Steph, Cade, Ashley, Mikayla, Hailey, Valerie, & Ty

We may not have it all together, but togeth
er we have it all.

Monday, August 31, 2009

This is not a joke!

I repeat this is not a joke! We have a new member of our family, Chandra the Doberman Dog! The kids and Dave have been begging for a dog for 1 1/2 years. I guess I finally gave in because the dog is with us. They are all determined that I am going to turn into a big dog lover. I am waiting for them to prove me wrong! She is almost 12 weeks old and we have only had her for 1 night. Today she had to go visit the vet to get her ears cropped. Personally, I liked her ears long. She looked more friendly. The kids think it is Christmas. Hailey and Cade slept by her on the kitchen floor the first night. She will be an outside dog except she will be allowed on our wood floor only. She is papered and comes from a good line so don't be scared off neighbors! So far, with my 2 days experience I have been shocked! She hasn't bit/knipped at anyone, jumped on anyone, or barked. I hope she is not just calm because she is scared???? Time will tell. Cade has big plans for Chandra. (That is her papered show dog name, it could change) Wish us luck, well maybe just wish me luck!

Monday, August 24, 2009

What an exciting day!

Not only was it the first day of school but it was Hailey's 5th birthday! Our day really started last night with some heavy 30 minute rains that ended up flooding Ashley's window well and crept into her room. We have now learned that our rain gutter really needs an extension and this problem would have never of happened. Thank goodness for neighbors willing to give a hand! Dave was in the window well scooping out buckets of water and others were digging trenches and ripping up our curbing. We were very glad Ashley caught this right from the beginning or it could have been way worse. Needless to say, Ash had to spend the night out in the family room while her room is dismantled and fans are on full speed!

Morning came fast but 1st day adrenalin got the kids up and going. By the end of the week they will be dead tired and realize their summer sleep schedule is just not going to cut it. Dave took Cade to his first day of Jr. High and I went outside to take the girls but I realized we had no car. I thought great, not only did we have a little flood but now someone stole our car. After a few minutes panic Dave pulled back in the drive way and told me he left the car at the church yesterday. I was relieved but the girls were a tad late for their first day. Hopefully we will get more on top of it by the end of the week. I need to take into account 3 kids all at different schools and 2 girls with hair that takes forever to blow dry. How will we ever fit in practicing piano and violin?

Ashley starting 4th grade

Cade 1st day of Jr. High
(7th grade)

Mikayla 2nd grade

Hailey has been counting down the sleeps until her birthday. We had a party at Storybook Park with games, crafts, piniata, and cake and ice cream bars. She really wanted a swing set until I took her to the store and she saw this doll that really pees!

Valerie is always up for a good pose!

Jemma, Mikayla, Conner, Valerie, Ashley

Riley, Hailey, Brynn, & Averie

Flip Flop Cake
Cade made the blue cake (per Hailey's request) and frosting and then I frosted it.

Hailey 5 years ago! Soooo cute!

Hailey brings such life to our family. She is probably our most dramatic one at times. She can throw fits to the point that she can't even talk to let anyone know what the problem is. I can usually copy her and she ends up laughing. She can also melt your heart with her big brown eyes. She has a way of staring people down that some find quite fascinating. She is the best big sister to Valerie and they are play buddies all day long. I am secretly glad she will be hanging out with me one more year before she starts kindergarten! I love having her around. She will be going to preschool this year and can hardly wait. Her backpack with supplies she doesn't really need has been packed for 2 weeks.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's a boy!

Okay so I am now almost 24 weeks pregnant which means I have known for 5-6 weeks we are having a boy but I have not had time to blog my news. So hear it is! I was surprised when I had my ultrasound and was measuring a week ahead of time because I normally measure small. But I will gladly take it! My due date is December 18th.

Hello from our new baby boy!

This is the picture that is supposed to tell us we are having a boy. I can see a leg and part of an arm only so I am still a little leary about the news. I thought it was supposed to be easy to tell if it was a boy but for me the girls have been easier. Our ultrasound tech was pretty positive it is a boy so that is what we are announcing. And yes we are very excited but mostly I am relieved everything looked and measured good!

Keller Family Reunion

We were not home but 2 days from the Shirley reunion before my California brother Todd & family stopped to see us for 2 nights on the way to the Keller family reunion. It is no wonder I have not been able to blog for a month. We haven't been here or we have been having too much fun!

The weather had dropped 30 degrees to the sixties when my brother came to visit. We still went swimming at Nat So-Pah hot springs. The water was warm and we all enjoyed our weenie roast. Valerie and Hailey have really started swimming this year. They both jumped off the diving board with only arm floaties on!

Giggly about a frog!

Valerie & Claire Bear

Cade is a little outnumbered but such a good sport.

I love having a personal chef Dave.

We took off early Sunday morning in time to make it to Meridian to hear my parents mission report. This is the whole crew minus the missionaries, Brandon, Justin, and Derek.

Welcome home!

The next day we packed up and headed to Donnely to the cabin for a week. The trip went well minus the road construction wait and getting pulled over and not getting out of a ticket!

Rafting down the river by Banks.

While some of us went rafting, Valerie got to go with 2 of her cousins, Gavin & Quincy to Mcall and eat huge bubble gum ice cream cones.

Holding tight to piniata candy.

Ash & Hailey

Brandon trying to match me 5 1/2 months pregnant!

No one is allowed not to get on the tube hence pregnant me and Valerie!

Grandma Keller & Claire with the same pose.

Everyone loved playing a little woofleball on the beach, Even Gavin who is 2 can hit the ball!

For the most part there was not a lot of admitting to sand throwing but we still found it in all the kids hair!
Cade and cousin Garrett had a great time together. I was so glad he was able to come and give Cade a boy to hang out with for the week. I don't know who had more fun taunting each other, the boys or Boston the dog.
Garrett and Cade were the only ones willing to step up to the challenge and have Grandpa Keller drive the boat while they tube. Everyone else has been scared off or is too old with injuries to enjoy the wild rides Grandpa Keller provides.

Cade wasted no time trying to go back and forth on the wake after getting up. He didn't do to bad for only getting to try once a year.

Jenn helping Ashley try to wakeboard. She did get up but just for a second. She will try again next year.
Nobody can touch "The House of Sticks"

Anna & Hailey

Ashley & Trisha
The tube got a work out this week. All the kids love it and could go for hours.

My good-looking available brother, Brandon.


After our return from Donnely some of the boys went gun shooting and the rest of us headed to the Boise zoo. We also spent time house shopping with Brandon, eating at Texas Roadhouse (adults only), and enjoying smoothies and a movie at Cam & Erin's home. I am still laughing at Cameron's blender demonstration. I do want the 400 dollar blender though. He had me sold.

Ashley & Mandy
Gotta love cousin sleepovers since my kids never get friend sleepovers.

Hailey & Madison

The End.