Dave, Steph, Cade, Ashley, Mikayla, Hailey, Valerie, & Ty

We may not have it all together, but togeth
er we have it all.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Jimmer Time

We were sad to see BYU basketball end although though the sweet 16 was pretty good. The girls decorated our whole house in home made posters and pictures for every game. One day I walked in and found Hailey and Valerie drawing on paper towels. They said we were completely out of paper. They preceded to eat popcicles and save their sticks so they could tape them on their paper towels for signs to hold!

Good times?

Little Ty is a MOVER! He recently followed the neighbor girl out the front door and down the cement steps. Problem is he can't do steps facing forward.

Ty loves shoes lately. He tries all all sizes including girls dress ups. He just turned 15 months. He weighs 25 1/2 pounds which is the 50% and his height is in the 95%! He has totally lengthened out these past couple of months. His hands are still on the mend. His gloves are his constant companion.

Clogging Competition

Sydney, Ashley, Kierra
Clogging Competition in Pocatello

Basketball fun

(Back: Sydney Pilling, Halli Cook
Middle: Jaida Page, Sadie Anderson, Maddie Landrum, Ashley, Lindsay Labra
Front: Natalie Rice)

Ashley played Lions Club ball coached by myself and Melanie Page. She then played in a few tournaments with a Burley team coached by Brek Pilling. The girls improved a lot and had tons of fun together.

Cade ended his 8th grade season undefeated. He is nearly as tall as me now! 1/4 of an inch to go and he will be 5' 10".

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mikayla turns 9

New ipod and bracelets! Dave saw the bracelets and yelled out, "Peace, Love, and JIMMER!" The kids all got a kick out of that one.

Mikayla enjoyed sharing her special birthday with the family. She has such a tender heart and is always trying to make everyone happy. Violin festival happened to fall on her birthday this year. She was able to get that done first thing in the morning. She was well prepared and did a great job. The day was packed. We first watched BYU play basketball. Our whole family has turned into big JIMMER fans. We love to watch the game and have snacks - Al's pizza and DQ cake! After the game we went to the movie. Then it was off to twin falls to watch Ashley play 3 basketball games. We arrived home late and weary. We love you Mikayla and are so glad you are part of our family!

Fun times in Meridian

Jessie with all of her fans

Mom and Dad

Ty and Garrett

Nathan (future missionary to Japan), Brady, Garrett

A few weeks ago I was able to take the kids to Meridian to see our cousin Jessica's Jr. Miss Pageant. She did awesome and had the most beautiful dress ever. All of the girls enjoyed cheering for her while holding up a picture of her head and waving it on a stick. We were also able to go to Nathan's mission farewell. He will be going to Japan. We enjoyed seeing all of our family and hanging out in my parents almost finished newly remodeled kitchen.