Dave, Steph, Cade, Ashley, Mikayla, Hailey, Valerie, & Ty

We may not have it all together, but togeth
er we have it all.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Last week School

Picnic at Park
Jakobi, Skylar, Valerie

 Hailey, last day 3rd Grade, teacher Mrs. Shell
Valerie, last day 1st grade, teacher Mrs. Gunnell

 Ty keeping busy while we attend one of Ashley's 6 weekend basketball tournaments in a row!
He drew a picture of DAD with muscles!

 Lagoon get away with the girls (Clogging)

Special Days

How blessed I am to be the mother of 6 wonderful children!  And how grateful I am for my own amazing mother and father!  
Crab dinner in bed
Happy Father's Day
Crying in bed turned happy after chocolate covered raisins were pulled out!
So grateful for a wise, thoughtful, husband who is also a great father!  He always makes time for these 6 crazy kiddos no matter what!  

What a great day!  I love feeling appreciated, loved, and needed and my kids did just that today. Here are some of their sweet notes.  Cade and Kayla both posted pics of us together and wrote nice things.  Love this day!


Hailey was excited to be one of the top fastest 2 girls in her 3rd grade class!
Her relay team of 2 girls and 2 boys ended up winning all the 3rd grade classes.  When they were having individual class tryouts she said she could hear the boys saying a different girls name who was going to win but when they saw her running they hurried and changed their minds to Hailey.

Erin, Maddie, Hailey, Abree


Ashley decided to run for Freshman Class President a few days before elections.  We were all  busy with our first ever campaign.  She had to write an essay and think up ideas for dances and activities for Homecoming week.  The weird thing was only the teachers saw these and they couldn't even vote.  All the students could do to campaign was have 2 big posters and unlimited 8x11 posters.  There could be no hand outs, no skits, or no speeches.  Cade was an awesome help making posters and emailing me final touches to Office Max for our very large poster all while he was on his Prom Date!  
Vote Ashley
Shirley She is the One!

The first day of elections they narrowed down the candidates to the top two.  Ashley and Nika Salazar were left.  We decided to make some t-shirts the day before the final elections.  Above was the logo and we put it on flourescent pink, yellow,  orange, and white shirts and she gave them to her friends to wear. The interesting thing was that Nika, her opponent, is also her friend so some of their friends were divided on who to vote for.  Some chose and some didn't vote on the final vote.  The final date to vote got delayed 3 times because of half day of school, track meet, etc.  When the results came back for the winner everyone was shocked that is was a dead on tie!  Never had this happened before.  The Principal had to call the High School and ask them what to do.  It was decided that they would both be co-presidents!  They were both excited to be working together.  I am so glad they are friends!

This was the picture we made Ginormous!

I just had to throw this award in here.  This is the Key Award for having straight A's for both 7th and 8th grade.  4 semesters in a row!  Way to go Ashley and she is in honors Math and English.  I do have to say my other kids didn't get piece of paper awards but all got straight A's with a few A-.  I know I'm bragging but hey I'm their Mom!


Mario and Luigi
Slade and Ty
It was Tea party dress up day at Preschool.  I told Ty that he needed to get dressed up for the party.  He said, "I want to be Wolverine!" He didn't understand he would have to dress up in church clothes.

End of year Preschool Program
Ty's part was very loud!
Star Light, Star Bright
First Star I see tonight
I wish I may
I wish I might
Have the wish I wish Tonight.
He remembered it after his first sentence was, "Miss Dawn I can't remember"


Miss Britney, Miss Dawn
Slade and Ty

 Many years ago when we first moved to Burley, Cade had Miss Dawn for a preschool teacher and now Ty does!   5 out of 6 of our kids have had Miss Dawn for a teacher.  (Kayla didn't go to preschool because I had 3 kids at home and not enough energy!)  She is amazing and has gone through many things these past years including beating Cancer! Her spirit is strong and courageous and she sincerely loves each kid.

Ty's Preschool Journal
At the top of the page he drew a lamb ambulance.
On this page he drew Al making pizza and was sure to include his hairy armpits!

Trip to the Dairy for Miss Dawn's Preschool.  The baby calves sucked the kids' fingers.  

Ty has started to be a very creative drawer at 4 years of age.
He drew a dinosaur (like his toy long neck).  He also drew himself, Dad, and Mom with private chest parts he was sure to point out to me.

The picture below is a wolf.

Ty learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels in one day. He has had no desire whatsoever. Then one day I went away to a volleyball tournament and came home to see Ty riding a bike.  Dave helped him that day for just a little bit.  It didn't take long, just determination that he wanted to do it.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


 By the end of the school year, we (Ashley and mom) are burned out from running everywhere. We always say maybe we won't do clogging next year.  But then LAGOON happens and they have so fun and look so good performing their dances that we end up changing our minds!  Good thing Ashley is such a fast learner.  She is so busy during the year that she can't make a lot of her practices but picks up on the dances really fast and even ends up teaching the others!  We will see what next year brings.  She will be a Freshman in High School.  I can't imagine her life getting any busier!