Dave, Steph, Cade, Ashley, Mikayla, Hailey, Valerie, & Ty

We may not have it all together, but togeth
er we have it all.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy 17!

November 1, 1996

Cade not showing much excitement on his 17th Birthday, but he did let me take his pictures with Ty!  He was not very surprised to see that he got a snowboarding pass for his gift but he was excited.  We sure love this kid!  We always know when Cade is gone because it gets a little quieter.  We are all used to hearing him sing constantly, play the piano, yuke, or guitar.  Wherever he goes music is playing somehow!

My Boys!

 Love this one!
Cade on his 17th Birthday let me go take pics with his little 3 year old bro!


 Off to school!
Valerie 7
Hailey 9


Ahhhh Ty

For Ryan

Ryan next to Cade in Bel Cantos last year

On November 2nd, 2013, Burley lost a wonderful young man.  He was a true friend to Cade and many others.  He was killed suddenly by a gun accident.  I have been amazed at the support from the community and the unity of the youth in the area.  Cade and friends immediately started making blue ribbons for people to wear, facebook profiles were changed, rocks from different high schools were painted Blue in honor of Ryan and his favorite color.  Fundraising efforts were started to help pay for the funeral.  A candlelight vigil was held and kids were able to share memories of Ryan. The Bel Cantos group was able to sing at his funeral.  They sang, Danny Boy.  Ryan will be missed but remembered by all.

 Kids at High School and people all over wore Blue to remember Ryan.

Ryan you were a great friend to everyone and someone I cared about, when we were kids I always looked up too you, you had a great talent for singing, last year in bel cantos I had no idea what I was doing and you helped me whenever I needed it. I couldn't get anything right without standing by your side, you had a great sense of humor and could always make me laugh, you were one of the most caring guys I knew, when someone was down you would try and fix it, and I always knew I could trust you with anything. You were close to god and I always looked up to that. I know he has more plans for you. I miss you. Your family is in my heart and prayers.  — with Ryan Willes. Cade

Philippians chapter 1 made my day. I love versus 3 and 4. I thank my god upon every remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy. Ryan Willes Thanks for the great impact on my life, I want to be as happy and as loving of a person as you were. — with Ryan Willes. Cade

Trick or Treat

Ty's Wolverine costume got good use for an entire month.  He loved the claws and wore them often. Hailey knew she wanted to be a peacock months before Halloween.  Valerie was a pirate and that was decided the night before!  Our neighborhood lived up to the MILLION of trick or treaters like always.  We were out of candy by 7:30.  Lights went out and we left the neighborhood.  No worries though, we still had a policeman blocking off the entrance of the neighborhood from traffic.

 Dressed up for gymnastics!


 8th Grade Cheer
Alex, Avery, Sydney, Natalie, Ashley, Jaida
Most of these girls run from Volleyball practice to cheer at Football games right after!

 Avery & Ashley

Years Keep Tickin

This years Birthday was like a Birthday week and I loved it!  I had lunch with my mom in Boise one day. Another day I had lunch with friends, dinner with my parents and Ashley after a game, dinner and shopping with my awesome husband, a surprise infinity ring from Dave, a cake made by Mikayla, a song by the whole family, a nice text from Cade, and a kiss by Ty!  It doesn't get better than that! Thanks everyone.

An infinity ring!
My birthstone and his, inside inscribed Dave & Steph

Sadie Hawkins Dance

We came home from being in Provo and Cade found his room decorated.  On his bed was a CD.  On the CD was the song, "Sadie Hawkins Dance."  He then had to pop the big balloon to find out who asked him to Sadie Hawkins. 

He answered Briana by spelling yes with her favorite drink, Mountain Dew.  She came to our house for lunch one day and this is what she saw!