Dave, Steph, Cade, Ashley, Mikayla, Hailey, Valerie, & Ty

We may not have it all together, but togeth
er we have it all.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Wow! I just posted about 8 different entries! December was crazy busy and having a baby put me really behind so here goes.....

I know its crazy but I went snowboarding with Ashley and friends last week when my baby was only 3 weeks old! Yah, I was a little bit peer pressured into doing it and I so didn't want Ashley to go alone on her first time. I never would have gone if I didn't have the most awesome friend, Marilyn to watch my baby. It ended up being a total blast even though my eyes were bloodshot red with lack of sleep. The snow was good and Ashley really picked up on it fast! We have 3 more times to go together! Usually Cade comes with me but this year he is playing basketball and the coach won't let him go so Ashley gladly volunteered! I enjoy the one on one time I get to spend with my kids doing this!

Laura, me, Mel, Sarah, Amy

Savana, Ashley, & Tori - all first timers!

Christmas 2009

December flew on by! We enjoyed staying home this year for Christmas and New Years. Ty was only 2 weeks old on Christmas and Dave and I had not slept hardly at all since he was born. He has definitely not figured out what night time is!

Santa treated the kids well with cell phone, rocket pocket, ripstick, kitchen, and water puppy!

Festival of Trees

This year the Extraordinary Housewives were asked to decorate the entry way for the festival of trees which we gladly did! Of course we made it fun even though it required some thinking. This was much easier than when we decorated a tree to be auctioned a few years ago!

EXW or Extraordinary Housewives

I think I almost gave birth right in the gym when I saw Matt? Chad? fall off a ladder!

We were able to have multiple trips to see Santa Clause at FOT when Hailey performed for preschool and Ashley clogged. Valerie asked for a water puppy and Hailey wanted a kitchen with muffins!

Ty's 1st BYU football game

On December 22nd the whole family headed to the basement to watch the BYU bowl game. Even though Ty was only 2 weeks old, the girls still had him dressed up in BYU attire!

Ty's 1st weekend home

Thank goodness for Grandma & Grandpa! G&G Keller came and stayed with our kids while I was in hospital. It was a good thing as the weekend was full of Christmas performances and lots of running around. Ashley and Mikayla has bball games, Mikayla had a violin recital, Ashley performed for clogging, and the 3 girls all had play practice (they will be in Joseph and the technicolor coat in Jan.). They stayed Thursday night until Sunday. They gave me the best gift ever by taking home Hailey and Valerie with them. I was sad to see them go but at the same time it gave me some good bonding time with Ty and also some time for naps!

My friend Melanie and I were able to coach our girls' bball team. They won every game but one! I think they had a lot of fun!
(Back row) Hallie, Ash, Sadie,Maycee, Kenzington
(Front row) Kierra, Mikayla, Sydney, Jaida

The second I walked in the house from the hospital Valerie was looking at my tummy. She said, "your big tummy went away?"

1st day home

Surprise Baby Shower

I had just finished painting and decorating baby nursery before delivery!

Diaper cake and cupcakes made of washclothes

A few days before I delivered my friends gave me a baby shower. It had been a crazy, busy stressful day. That evening as I was headed out the door to pick up kids and go to a church meeting when I got a call from my friend Melanie telling me she just picked up my daughter from play practice and she puked all over her car. I told her I would be right over to get her and help clean up. I walked in her house and was greeted with surprises! I was SHOCKED! They had dinner made and the place was all decorated and I had no clue! It was a great evening after realizing my daughter really didn't throw up!

A boy is born!

It's a boy!

Grandpa Keller
I was so sad that none of our kids could come in and see me or the baby because of the swine flu. They had to do like they did in the olden days and look at the baby through the window.

My friends came and brought me good food and provided lots of laughs!

I had a scheduled induction on Dec. 11th 2009. I got to the hospital at 6:00am and was started on pitocin at 7:00. I was dilated at a 3-4 when I came in but wanted a scheduled time so I could get a epidural. I did get one but it didn't work the greatest. Once Ty decided to come he came fast. At 9:30 am I was dilated to a 4 and he was born 25 minutes later at 9:55! The cord was wrapped around his neck so Dr. Dowdle cut the cord as soon as his head popped out and then Dave cut it again after his whole body came out. We were very glad he was safe and healthy. We named him Ty because we have liked the name for 10 years since Ashley was born but we were never able to use the name because we kept having girls. Ty David or TD short for touchdown!