Dave, Steph, Cade, Ashley, Mikayla, Hailey, Valerie, & Ty

We may not have it all together, but togeth
er we have it all.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Ty started preschool this January.  I was just going to do a trial run for a few weeks since he is a little young to see if he liked it.  I guess he will now be permanently enrolled because he LOVES it!  He was so proud of his T-Rex that he painted all by himself! 

This was Slade's first day of preschool back in September.  Ty went with him the first day cause he was scared and we were watching Slade that day.  Now Ty is super excited to be going to school and going with his buddy! 13 years earlier I have this exact picture with Cade and Skylar (big brothers) going to preschool!

8th grade Cheer Comp

8th Grade Cheer Competition at Burley 
1st In Pom and Judges Choice Award


Go Hailey

Hailey's first time ever snowboarding!  She did awesome!  Even made it up the lift and down the hill on her first time!  After being on the bunny hill she said, "snowboarding is easy!"  I knew that was about to change but didn't want to crush her spirits.  Few tears and sore muscles and now the first time is behind us!
 I have taken 3 of my girls out of school once a week for a month this year to go boarding.  We have not had a lot of snow this year but some great sunny days!
 Averie and Hailey, both newbies!
Resting on the mountain part way down from the big lift!
 Kierra and Kayla
I have a fear of heights and I always get so nervous when they turn around!

Ashley was good to help out the newbies.  

Ice Breaker Competition

Hailey's first gymnastics meet of 2014 in Twin Falls.
Addie, Hailey, Lauren, ?, Paige
She did awesome and qualifies for State in March!  She gets better and better every competition.  Her high score this time was on the vault.  She continues to love gymnastics and practices 3 times a week for 2 1/2 hours each time!

Buddies for Life!

Slade and Ty
These two are buddies.  I watch Slade once a week while his mom, Melanie goes to work and then she watches Ty once a week while I go to work.  Ty loves to have Slade over.  I love that they are old enough now that they mostly just play without too many altercations.  They have had many fun times with more to come!

New Year Girl Time!

Way to bring on the new Year with a little Girl Time!  
Friends and gag gifts for lunch celebrating Melanie's 40th birthday!

Then shopping and dinner with our girls at Johny Carinos!  We even had to get out the dice and play games! Our waiter did a birthday dance for Mel and I threw up bread because it got stuck!  Good Times!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Party on New Years Eve

Party at the Shirleys!
We played games, ate food, played more games, ran around with sparklers, and lit off fireworks at midnight!  Dave snuck outside and lit off some loud fireworks.  Since nobody knew what he was doing it freaked us all out because we thought there were gunshots!  Then it was more games while I tried to sleep with earlplugs so I could get up and go to work at 6am!
This holiday season has been a continual party for the kids.  We have never played so many games and laughed so hard! Every night it has been a new or same group of kids come over.  We have loved it all but I am TIRED!


December 2013
Dave and I took a quick night to escape to Salt Lake City where we met our friends the Pages.  It was so awesome to just be alone in car and TALK!  Cheesecake factory, movie at IMAX, tiny bit of shopping was all needed in order to get back and start a New Year!


Mini Van Express

 The Sunday before Christmas I surprised the kids by sending them to their room to get on PJ's.  In their PJ drawer they found a ticket for the "Tahoe Express."  They brought out their ticket to me where I punched it and gave them their own sack of caramel popcorn and new mug of hot chocolate.  We then headed to Rock Creek to visit the camel, Santa Clause, and see all the lights.  It has been of few weeks and Ty is still telling his primary class that we rode on a train to the North Pole!

8th Grade BBall

December 2013
Ashley 8th Grade Basketball 3rd place 
Coach Pope
Ashley's team won every game but 3 regular season games. They lost once against West Minico and twice against Jerome.  All were very close games.  They placed 3rd in Woodriver at their final tournament.  They won their first game of tournament in OT.  They went on to play West their second game without a break for rest.  They lost by 2. West then played and won championship.  Ashley has had fun season and learned some important life lessons with this really competitive group of girls!