Dave, Steph, Cade, Ashley, Mikayla, Hailey, Valerie, & Ty

We may not have it all together, but togeth
er we have it all.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Hailey!

Hailey 1st week of life

Hailey turns 4!

Party at our house. We played the M&M game, freeze dance, decorated purses, painted nails, blew bubbles, and most importantly had push up ice cream pops and cupcakes!

Hailey sporting her new glasses and gymnastics outfit. She has since worn this outfit for 2 days. What do you do? We love you Hailey. She definitely spices up our lives and makes them brighter.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Twin Falls Temple Excitement!

I must say I have never had my heart racing so fast as I was able to attend a temple dedication at our stake center. Not only was my heart racing because of the excitement for a temple to be built and dedicated in our area but I was also able to perform CPR in front of hundreds of people as a gentleman collapsed sitting a few rows in front of us. He did survive with some divine intervention. I am convinced it helps to have the Lord on your side.

As things settled down I couldn't help but feel the spirit watching and listening to President Monson. I know that he is our living prophet today and he is called of God. I so enjoyed his sense of humor while putting mortar on the cornerstone and was touched as he spoke of the work there is for us to do at the temple.

I feel so blessed to have the gospel in my life. I am thankful for the peace, comfort, and guidance that the gospel can bring. Today inspired me to want to be a better mother, friend, and neighbor.

I am also so grateful for the Priesthood. Dave was able to give all of the kids father's blessings last night. After listening to them all I thought you know what I could use a mother's blessing. Like I say I am a firm believer of having the Lord on your side.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

School is In!

We survived the 1st day of school! I think this is the first time in years I will only have 2 kids at home all day instead of 2 1/2 or 3. The one thing I am excited about is not having to do lunch for 5 kids when we just had breakfast. Ashley and Mikayla were so excited for 3rd and 1st grade. Of course we had to get new backpacks even though their backpacks from last year are in perfectly good shape. I will definitely be missing their help at home. Ashley has turned into quite the little babysitter. Mikayla has taken on the nickname "Sunshine" because she is always smiling and in good spirits.
Cade is in the sixth grade this year. He did not want to cooperate with pictures this year so I had to take another one of him on the second day of school. I am realizing he is growing up. This year when I took him school shopping he had to choose all of his clothes and did not like it if I made any suggestions. He walked into the dressing room to try on clothes and I tried to follow him like I normally would do. Big mistake! I guess the time has crept up on me and he really is old enough to change in the dressing room all by himself. Cade thinks school is going to be so boring but I secretly think he is excited to go. He is so easy going - I guess he kind of has to be with 4 girls at home. He is glad our downstairs bathroom is working now and so am I so we can have more showers operating at one time.

Valerie gets to stay home with me and keep being the baby. She is so fun and cuddly. She sat up on the bathroom counter today and said, "Mom, do my hair!" That is very unlike her to want her hair done.
Hailey also gets to hang out with me. Her energy will keep me hopping all day. She will be going to gymnastics this year and can hardly wait.

At breakfast today we had some eggs.
Valerie: I want some more eggs. (kind of hard to understand due to her binki in her mouth)

Mom: What did she say?

Hailey: I think she said, "I love Hailey"

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One last Hoorah!

We were able to pack in a week of fun up at the cabin in Cascade with the Kellers right before school started. You may notice that Dave is not pictured. He couldn't get off work, but that would not stop us. (Some say he was the one who really had the vacation) I was a little outnumbered (1 on 5) so I was grateful for any help offered. We also missed Mom and Dad but were glad we were able to carry on the tradition of being together. Our adventure started out later than planned do to a stop at the Dr.'s office on the way out of town. Valerie was burning up with fever and had a double ear infection. We got our antibiotics and were on our way. I must say that the drive was fairly pleasant because she was so lethargic she just slept. I had been planning all sorts of ways that I was going to be able to keep her in her car seat. I had the duct tape ready in case I needed to tape the buckle (good pointer from a friend).

Cade and Ashley on the tube. Cade started doing a little taunting to the driver, Todd or Brandon. The taunting didn't last long as Cade flew a good 5-6 feet in the air. Of course, we all love this and laugh and then check to see if everyone is okay. I must say we did not have near as many good wrecks as when Dad, the pro is driving.

Even Hailey liked riding the tube. This year was a first that we had the little people starting to fight for turns on the tube. They all loved it and thought their turn was not long enough. By the end of the week they were getting fairly brave. We were even getting all of their hand signals down. Madison's favorite was thumbs up and then thumbs down repeated over and over. We finally learned this meant to go medium speed only.

This is the last picture I have a Valerie with her whole front tooth. She must have chipped part of her tooth off when the cousins were taking turns performing tricks on the ottoman. I must say this really saddens me. She is likely to have this tooth until 1st grade. Mikayla has still not lost her 2 front teeth!
Eating again! We would try and get a morning crew out to ski and then come back and have to already do lunch before we could head out with the kids. We mostly had the lake to ourselves except for those few random jet skiers ruining our nice water!

Our own private beach. The water would stay shallow in some places for quite a long ways out. Madison and Mikayla's heads should be barely showing somewhere. They were little fish.

Part of our crew!

Cade suffering through being the only older boy cousin

Our final goodbye back at Grandma & Grandpa's. Yes, the house was in pretty good shape even thought you guys have been gone 7 months.

Nap time didn't go so well for anyone. Quincy was attempting to take a nap until Gavin jumped in her bed with her.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun With the Shirleys

All the Shirleys headed back to Bear Lake after a 2 year lay off. We tried other things the last 2 years but from popular vote of the grandkids (and there are a few) , we headed back to the Blue Lake. I believe there are 21 grandkids and more to come. Thanks to Grandma & Grandpa Shirley for housing and feeding the army!

Jake, Cade, & Kalin
Cade loves to be able to hang around his cousins and catch some "boy time!" With 4 sisters it is hard to get some of that. They all tried wakeboarding for the first time and succeeded. Cade loved the annual waterfight even though Ben was out to get them with a fire extinguisher rigged as a water gun!
Grandma always has fun activites planned for Sunday. The number of piniata's are growing and so are the power of the older kids' swings. The candy remains a hit among all ages.