Dave, Steph, Cade, Ashley, Mikayla, Hailey, Valerie, & Ty

We may not have it all together, but togeth
er we have it all.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

This week I asked each of the kids separately questions about their Dad. I loved hearing their answers. They each have a special relationship with their Dad. We all love you Dave/Dad and think you are the greatest!

What makes Dad happy?
Cade: When we do good in stuff.
Ashley: US!
Mikayla: When we all get along.
Hailey: Cleaning the table off and taking turns.

What makes Dad sad?
Cade: Work.
Ashley: When we disobey him.
Mikayla: When we yell at each other.
Hailey: When we don't do what he says.

What makes Dad laugh?
Cade: Funny things - doesn't laugh a lot.
Ashley: Don't know.
Mikayla: Funny jokes.
Hailey: Hearing something funny.
Valerie: Toys.

What is something Dad always says to you?
Cade: How was your day?
Ashley: I love you.
Mikayla: I love you, Sunshine.
Hailey: Be nice.

What was Dad like as a child?
Cade: He worked.
Ashley: Funny and active.
Mikayla: Nice.
Hailey: He liked blocks.

How old is Dad?
Cade: 39 (All three of them got it!)
Ashley: 39
Mikayla: 39
Hailey: Don't know.
Valerie: 6

How tall is Dad?
Cade: 6'0" (right on)
Ashley: 10 feet.
Mikayla: 6'0"
Hailey: A lot bigger than me.

What does Dad like to watch on TV?
Cade: News.
Ashley: UFC fights.
Mikayla: Basketball, football, and the weather.
Hailey: Dora.
Valerie: Sponge Bob.

What does Dad do at work?
Cade: Argue.
Ashley: Defend people.
Mikayla: Ask questions if somebody does something wrong like in court.
Hailey: Works.

If Dad becomes famous, what will it be for?
Cade: Work.
Ashley: Staying awake all night and driving.
Mikayla: Football coach.
Hailey: Cooking.

What is Dad's favorite food?
Cade: Steak.
Ashley: Steak.
Mikayla: Chicken.
Hailey: Chicken.
Valerie: Mustard.

What is Dad really good at?

Cade: Being a Dad.
Ashley: His job.
Mikayla: Lifting weights.
Hailey: Work.

What do you like to do with Dad?
Cade: Go camping.
Ashley: Play sports like basketball.
Mikayla: Go to lunch with him.
Hailey: Go get popcicles.
Valerie: Have him hold me.

How are you and Dad the same?
Cade: Both boys, both have blonde hair as kids.
Ashley: Same back muscles.
Mikayla: We have same curves in our feet.
Hailey: We both like Dora and Tom and Jerry.

How are you and Dad different?
Cade: I am skinnier than him.
Ashley: I am nine, he is a lot OLDER.
Mikayla: He has green eyes and I have brown.
Hailey: He can drive a car and I can't.

How do you know Dad loves you?
Cade: He says it to me.
Ashley: Because he is my Dad.
Mikayla: He tells me and gives me hugs.
Hailey: Because I am a little kid.

Why did Dad marry Mom?
Cade: He loves you.
Ashley: He loves you.
Mikayla: He thought you were nice and knows you don't do drugs or anything.
Hailey: Because you had a baby. (Not true - better work with her on that answer!)

Where is Dad's favorite place to go?
Cade: BYU games with me.
Ashley: BYU football games.
Mikayla: BYU football games.
Hailey: Cal Ranch where we got the baby chicks.
Valerie: California.

What does Dad want for Father's Day?
Cade: Good kids.
Ashley: A dog.
Mikayla: A big hug.
Hailey: A card.
Valerie: To go to church.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Only at Scout Camp

Cade returned home today from an overnight scout camp trip in the rain. He was very wet with tons of thistles stuck in his shoes. He didn't seem to mind the conditions or lack of sleep as he raved about what they did on the uninhabited island they canoed to and slept on. Apparently, the boys were told they had to find their own dinner without any tools. Good thing the island was covered in wild chickens. He learned how to catch them, twirl them around and break their neck, and then how to cut off their heads with sharp wood. He went on and on about how they kept moving after their heads were cut off and how some chickens even lost a few eggs. Only at scout camp! He was grateful I packed him a few snacks seems how the chickens tasted a little tough and gamey.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Are you sure?

After holding my phone up to the washer and having the repair man make a diagnosis, I was off in search of a new washer. I was hoping he could make an over the phone diagnosis so I wouldn't have to pay a service charge and still have to buy a new washer. I guess it was my lucky day but was it? Yah, I didn't have to pay a service charge but I did have to go buy a new washer. I would have much rather bought something fun like that computer desk I have been saving for but oh well at least I can catch up on 10 loads of laundry today. Ashley will be so happy to put on a clean shirt for her baseball game tonight instead of having to look through the dirty clothes again to find her baseball shirt that never quite got clean!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chillin' with the cousins

Last weekend we were able to got to Utah and see Shirley cousins and Keller cousins. The kids were in heaven and could have played forever. They played in the sand box, jumped on the trampoline, cruised down the zip line, sang from the playhouse, and never stopped moving! There was always something to do even if it meant running back and forth between Grandma & Grandpa Shirley's house and Rad & Wendy's house.

Some of the Shirley cousins after Olivia got baptized. Cade likes when he has a few BOY cousins to hang around with. Congrats Olivia! We also learned while we were visiting that a new cousin was born to Angie and Casey. His name is Luca. We are so excited to meet him.

Chocolate cake was a hit with Valerie, Anna, Hailey, & Madison!

Claire Bear & Ashley

Hailey trying to warm up on the cement that wasn't warm.

Valerie thinking she can go anywhere with floaties on!

Mikayla & Madison. They loved jumping off the diving boards and going down the waterslides. There was not any lines because lets face it not many people were braving the 70 degree weather.

We had a great time and are so thankful for good families. Update on Dave: we have been home a week and Dave is starting to walk normal after a pulled calf muscle playing volleyball. I think it was Jenn's trash talking that got Dave into that whole mess!

Weekend with our old neighbors

Our neighbors, the Poulsens, moved 2 years ago to Idaho Falls. We are lucky they still come and visit us once and a while. They got to come up for the weekend and even though the weather was yucky we still had lots of fun.

Connor (wearing a shirt Cade wore when he was his age), Hailey, Jemma (neighbor), Valerie

Valerie just being Valerie.

Steph & Marilyn

Kaden & Cade getting ready for church

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

To eat or not to eat?

Baseball season has caused quite the dilemma for my family about eating. We can count on being out at the fields 4 nights a week which leads to the question, "When do we eat dinner?" If we eat dinner before the game then everybody (despite all of the millions of tootsie rolls at the game) is hungry after the game. If we eat after the game then no one gets to bed until way too late and my kitchen is always messy! If it was up to me we probably would never eat but Dave on the other hand should secretly be a chef. He actually enjoys cooking. Last night I made a full on dinner eaten at 6:00 before the game. I cleaned up so I could come home to a clean kitchen. (I like coming home to clean counters). I walk upstairs at 10:00pm and Dave is grilling hamburgers and hot dogs for our second meal of the night!!!! We are all going to get way too fat if we keep up with the 2 dinners a night!