Dave, Steph, Cade, Ashley, Mikayla, Hailey, Valerie, & Ty

We may not have it all together, but togeth
er we have it all.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lovin Life

We are loving the November warm weather so far! 

Ty says and does the funniest things!  We all love this little guy who is growing tall and getting very skinny!  It was not Halloween but the girls made his hair blue.  Everywhere we went that day he was sure to tell everyone that he had BLUE hair.  He was quite the performer this day.  He was rolling his stomach and shaking his bootie (yeah he has sisters and a brother who talks about his 6 pack abs). One day I was combing his hair and he looked in the mirror and said, "I look awesome!"  Later on that day he told me he was beautiful!  I guess this kid doesn't lack confidence! 
He has been potty trained for several months but one day he called to me from the bathroom saying, "I have paprika in my bum." I was very confused because he always asks for paprika on his cottage cheese for lunch.  It wasn't till later in the day when the older girls came home and he said it again that I realized he was trying to say diarrhea not paprika!  Kind of gross but we were all rolling.

Did I say it is November?
Ty dresses himself lately

Sweet 16

My little Cade turned 16 years old and is taller than me!  I am so proud of Cade and the choices he is making. He has a really kind heart and is a joy to be around.  Dave and I took Cade out to dinner for his Birthday and gave him his snowboarding pass along with a lot of cans of Arizona lemonade.  It was fun to talk with him and have one on one time.  We brought him back to the house where Noah and Braeden were waiting to kidnap him and take him to a surprise party out at Braeden's house.  We first sang Happy Birthday to him and he blew out his candles.  Ty had his own solo and version of Happy Birthday to Cade that I wish I would have recorded! 

Braeden, Cade, Noah
Cade's favorite cake - Heath & whip cream
Emi, Kole, Skylar, ?, Cade, Braeden, Taysom, Squirl

Cade being FLASH for homecoming week


Valerie 1st lost tooth

 Hailey & Valerie being silly wearing my high heels and dancing while making up songs!
Valerie is in kindergarten and just lost her first tooth on the bottom.  She was so excited.  She has been watching her sisters loose their teeth for years!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Our Halloween celebration seemed to go on for days!  We had school parties and parades, church trunk or treat, and then actual Halloween! Ty loved his Batman costume as well as his Buzz light year costume.  He wore them for most of the month.  When asked who he was he would reply in his gruff voice, "I'm Batman!"

 Cade came up with this outfit at 11:30 pm the night before he was supposed to wear it to school for Homecoming week.  He was FLASH!  He wore my leggings, Hailey's briefs from dance, and we cut and ironed shirts for a lightning bolt!
Kierra & Kayla
They were zombie ballerinas.  They made their own tutu's and colored their shirts.

My little BUZZ fell asleep with his wings on!

Hailey was a lalaloopsy doll.  We did her hair with pipe cleaners and braids so that we could twist it how we wanted.  She was happy with results.

Maddie, Sarah, Abree, Hailey
Party at school
The Pages & Shirleys

FHE pumpkin carving

Fall Happenings!

These past few months have been filled with nonstop running! I have finally put everyone's schedule in my phone so I can get an alarm reminding me to pick up someone or take someone else where they need to be.  Yes, that means I have learned the hard way and left a child at gymnastics longer than planned or forgot Ashley had volleyball practice which in turn made it so she had to miss a game!

I have no good volleyball pics of Ashley's 7th grade team!  They ended up getting 2nd place in their conference!  They only lost one game all season to O'leary (Ashley didn't play that game) and then they lost the championship game again to the same O'leary team.  They are a good group of girls that have a lot of fun together. Ashley played outside hitter in a 6-2 offense.  I will be coaching these girls in club ball again once spring is here. 

 Ashley #7
She had a Sunday off after her volleyball tournament and then she started Basketball on Monday.  She has made the bball team and continues to be a cheerleader!  She is super busy and still managed to get a 4.0 this last term!  Good job Ashley.  More than anything I am proud of her for being a good friend to everyone and making people feel welcome and included!

 I have no good cheerleading pictures either!  This one they are all freezing at halftime despite a marvelous warm fall we have had this year.  The video sound doesn't work and I don't know why.  Ashley is in the back right.


Mikayla's Team Volleyball Champions OTRD!
Melanie and I coached our daughters in city league volleyball this year and ended up being victorious!  Our last tournament game came down to the very last serve!  How fitting that our smallest player who could never get a serve over all year until the last few games was up to serve last!  She smacked the ball over and we won 15-13.  The girls rallied around her and put her up on their shoulders.  Her mom was in tears and said this was the best experience ever for her daughter because all the girls treated her so nicely all through the year even though she was small and struggling.  

Steph, Savnana, Orion, Averie, Kia, Melanie
Maddie, Kierra, Mikayla, Emmaline