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We may not have it all together, but togeth
er we have it all.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

1 year old already!

Not so sure of cake/frosting

Diving in!

Loving it!
He earned himself a bath after this one.

I can't believe Ty is already 1! This year has flown by. Ty has been so much fun. He has four teeth now. He is so much happier now that the top two have poked through. He is taking a few steps at a time without holding onto anything. He prefers crawling as he can get there (wherever there is) faster. He motors up and down the stairs wherever the action may be. He has regressed to waking up once a night (I blame it on his latest ear infection). He still gags and dry heaves if I feed him something he doesn't like. He is getting really good and feeding Chandra (dog) anything that he prefers not to eat himself. Chandra positions herself right by Ty when he sits in the chair and just waits to be fed. (At first this was funny but not so much anymore). He is not really saying much yet but he seems to say Chandra - not mom or dad! Ty is usually not scared of strangers. He will reach his hands out to be held by a stranger as long as they talk to him first (never had a kid do that before). Ty weighs in at just over 24 pounds. Ty has a smile that melts my heart and a laugh that makes me giggle. He is so easy going and we all love him to pieces!