Dave, Steph, Cade, Ashley, Mikayla, Hailey, Valerie, & Ty

We may not have it all together, but togeth
er we have it all.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The little things

Today I cleaned my big mirror in my bedroom and patio door windows. I was expecting to see little Ty fingerprints but only found dog paws. Its funny how some of the little things that would often bug me - I now seem to miss. I can't wait to see him pick up a cheerio with two fingers or to have to clean up a big mess under the high chair because he got to feed himself. I wouldn't even mind having to pick up all the stuff he used to empty from my kitchen drawers. Only 1 month ago I was tripping over things or complaining that the dog was going to chew up stuff left out and now I would just be happy to see it all out because I would know his fingers put it there!

Font color?

Anyone know how to change the font color on your blog? The old way is no more!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

We can see fingers!

Yesterday's trip to Utah has been the happiest one yet. Grafts are healing and puffiness decreasing. Ty's dressings are not near as big - in fact we can see his fingers now! Last night is the first time he was able to wear levis (steri strips are off groin sites and stitches mostly dissolved) and a regular size t-shirt. We also got the news that we only have to go to UofU once next week. We will be doing our own physical therapy 3-4 times a day and daily dressing changes. His braces were trimmed and customed fit for him. His appetite seems to be coming back and last night was the first night he has slept through the night since the accident.

Since the accident Ty has gotten really good at using his tongue to make noises. He also is always trying to copy the girls and make faces by sticking out his tongue.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Weapons (hand braces) for Ty

Another tender mercy - made it home from Utah right before the snow storm hit.

Ty did so good at his burn appointment Tuesday, Jan 18th. He is a tough kid. He was premedicated which helped immensely. It is taking me a bit but I am learning some tricks that help him out. First off, thanks to Pages for watching kiddos again. And thanks to Marilyn for coming with me. It helped to have someone to entertain Ty while driving and while getting dressings changed, especially since he can't hold any toys in car or feed himself any snacks! Of course Marilyn came prepared with camera and nail trimmers! Ty's nails were longer than mine have ever been. They said they couldn't cut them but they would let the nail pro Marilyn.

Yesterday as the "champ" sat so still while they changed dressings.
5 days post skin grafts to both palms

The right hand was looking fairly good. There was a swollen patch in the middle and a blood blister by the palm of his thumb. They tried to drain the puffy part with a needle thinking it was a blood clot. Nothing happened so we are just watching it close until next appointment Saturday.

We were excited to see that the left hand was not white anymore like it was 2 days post op. He is starting to get good blood supply and new skin forming around the edges.

This visit he was fitted with some plastic braces they formed to his hands up to his elbows. The braces are supposed to help keep the fingers stretched out straight so he doesn't develop contractures. He really likes to keep 2 fingers on his left hand bent and one on his right hand.

We soon found out that the braces are hard and hurt when he tries to give hugs or accidently catches you in the face! He has built in weapons and doesn't even know it! Another thing to get used to.

We had to retire the left hand brace after the first night. I don't know how but he kept getting it off. He has learned to use teeth in amazing ways.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Life can change in a hurry

We had a wonderful Christmas and even got to go visit the Shirleys in Utah after Christmas. On Tuesday night, December 28th we drove home from Utah to a freezing cold house. Our gas fireplace got turned on and Dave and I started to unload the car. Minutes later I heard Cade screaming. He had heard Ty's hands sizzling on the glass of the fireplace. Ty must have been trying to pull himself to stand up as he was learning to walk. At first Ty didn't even cry - I'm sure he was in shock, and then he didn't stop crying for hours. We put his hands in cold water and headed to the ER. Pictures of his hands were sent to UoU burn center and Dr. Cochran responded and wanted to see us. Dave was able to give Ty a blessing as nothing seemed to help relieve his pain. We went home to pray with and comfort our kids and then headed to the burn center at 1230 am. How grateful I am for good friends and family that I can call at any time and know they will help us in any way. I had friends taking care of things at home, my parents coming from Boise to help out, and we were just able to show up at Rad and Wendys house looking for a place to sleep after being up all night.

On the way to the Utah hospital we hit a big snow storm. It took us 5 hours to get to UoU hospital instead of 3. Our 4 wheel drive and the front end of our tahoe went out and I was unsure if we would get there without breaking down. I know our Heavenly Father answered our prayers and was watching over us. We made it there and were able to leave our car there for a week to get fixed while we borrowed Kristen's car. Thanks so much.

After seeing the Dr. we were certain the right hand would need skin grafts but unsure about the left. They were really fast at cutting away skin, scrubbing, and dressing Ty's hands. Palms were 3rd degree burns and fingers 2nd. It was and is very hard to hold my little boy while they are working on him and he is in such pain. I feel helpless but I am sure grateful for modern medicine and miracles. His hands will heal but we soon learned it would be a long road.

New Years Eve gave us a scare because of such high fevers Ty was experiencing. After another trip to the ER, we found out his hands were not infected (my worry) but he had an ear infection.

We came home from Utah to find our kids all taken care of, my house cleaned and stalked with groceries, new toys for Ty to play with that wouldn't require him to use his fingers, and warm dinner waiting for us at the Poulsens. Thanks Marilyn and Mel! I couldn't have done it with out you guys.
Looks like Dave is training him to be a UFC fighter!

His palms and each finger were wrapped with special foam and then had netting over them. Ty soon learned how to bite them off. We had to put socks over his hands and pin it to his shirt.

Pre Op with Dad

Many trips to Utah have been made in the last few weeks. 14 days later after his initial burn Ty had surgery on both palms. Skin was taken from his groin on both sides and placed on his palms. He now has big CLUBS for hands he gets to learn to deal with for a while.

After surgery. We had to wait longer than normal because his oxygen saturation wouldn't stay up without oxygen and he got a rash. But soon we were on our way back to Pleasant Grove to Grandma and Grandpa Shirleys. What a blessing it is that we have family that live close to the UoU hospital. We have had much help with our kids and everything else from all our Utah family!

Little drugged out still

Ty is such a good spirited little boy - all 24 pounds of him! He does hurt, get angry and frustrated because he can't use his hands but for the most part he is just a lovable little guy who is learning to adapt. He has figured out the army crawl but doesn't like to do that much. He is walking everywhere now which is good but we just have to watch him super close so he doesn't fall too much and disrupt the grafts. I don't know what I am supposed to learn from all this but I do know the bond between Ty and Cade has grown and also between Ty and his Dad. Ty gives the best hugs and kisses ever. He is so gentle and soft.

I have so much to be grateful for and so many people to thank. So many have prayed, fasted, and put our names in the temple. I have felt your prayers and they have given me strength. I have had many encouraging words, warm meals, rides for my kids, people watching my kids, new toys and movies, and it goes on and on. Thank you! Thank you everyone!

We will be making 2 trips this week to the burn center to see how the grafts are doing. I do know he will have to be in braces and then compression gloves for 1 to 1 1/2 years. Physical Therapy will be ongoing. It will be a long process for this little guy who has already been through so much but I am grateful he is doing as good as he is. The last few days he has seemed like his happy normal self!

A boy and his dog

Ty loves Chandra
He is learning to give hugs and kisses (even to the dog)

Chandra got a new bed for Christmas.

Chandra even lets Ty pull her ears (back when hands were not wrapped)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

After Christmas at the Shirleys

Alex & Hailey

Cade & Jake

Evelyn & Valerie

The day after Christmas we headed down to Utah to hang with the Shirley cousins. We enjoyed bowling, eating, laughing and chatting.

Christmas 2010

We enjoyed our traditional calzones and frape by candlelight on Christmas Eve. We read the Christmas story, watched Elf, and discussed multiple times what time we would wake up in the morning. Mikayla had been asking for 2 days if we could get up at 5! We had agreed on 6 but actually woke up at 5:45. She was the one especially excited this year and couldn't seem to sleep. That all changed when Dave slipped her a dose of Benadryl.

Christmas morning came with Cade wanting to go snowboarding. He obviously got a new board, boots and binding. He says its sick! (that is supposed to be good) Ashley spent time rocking out and finding someone to face time on her new ipod touch. Mikayla enjoyed tearing up and down the streets of Burley on her new motor scooter. Hailey and Valerie were in dreamland playing with their American girl dolls and barbies. Ty was just happy hanging with the dog and crawling through wrapping paper. All in all we had a good one with much to be grateful for.

Everyone loved their new Christmas Jammies including Dave & Cade. They just didn't love getting their picture taken!

Merry Christmas!

I really thought I might have our entire family together for a Christmas card picture this year but it didn't happen. Instead I was scrambling to do one at the last second. So here it to a quick pic right after church. (Whoo Hoo church time changes to 1100 am from 9am)

December Happenings

We enjoyed Grandma and Grandpa Keller stopping by before Christmas. All the kids sang and performed for them.

Grandpa Shirley made this horse for Cade when he was a baby!

Jaylee, Jaida, Ashely

Valerie's primary teacher gave her this picture of Jesus that she put on her shelf next to her bed.

December always brings lots of action and recitals. Cade made the 8th grade basketball team. Kayla finished up her 3rd grade basketball season. I was able to help coach her team with my friend Michelle. Their team was kind of short and young but progressed a lot! Ashley finished up her 5th grade basketball season with some nail biters. I was also able to help coach her team with my friend Melanie. This was a great way for me to be able to spend time individually with both girls. For Christmas I got a clipboard for volleyball and one for basketball as I was always scrounging for paper and a pen to write! I was very excited and surprised as I know they will get a lot of use out of them. (need to find pics for Ash)

Mikayla's 3rd grade team
(Back) Mom, Tatiana, Sunny, Anna, Michelle
(Front) Ashley, Justice, Sammy, Kierra

Kierra & Mikayla

We were at the festival of trees everday as we watched Mikayla play her violin, Ashley clog, and Hailey perform her tumbling.