Dave, Steph, Cade, Ashley, Mikayla, Hailey, Valerie, & Ty

We may not have it all together, but togeth
er we have it all.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Summer Ty Moments

Random Ty Moments
Ty went and found crippled Kaden in a cast to race him on his trike.
 Ty gets bored and tries things on in the garage that he finds.
He has seen me sweep dirty dog paws one too many times!
 Rocker Ty with attitude!
He makes the funniest faces when jammin out to music

 Cousin Wyatt and Ty
 Ty has had the whitest hair this summer!
I just can't bring myself to cut it off so I can spike it.
At the start of the summer we had a problem with Ty leaving the house and riding AWAY in his little green jeep or his inherited Barbie Jeep.  Finally by the end of summer we have not lost him near as much.  Ty has been done taking naps for a few months once summer started.  The other day I couldn't find him.  I was getting worried and looking outside.  It didn't cross my mind to look on his bed!  He had crawled up there and tucked himself in and fell asleep.  He has been in a big boy bed since July (2 1/2 years old).  He was my longest ever to stay in a crib because he is the baby and it wasn't needed for anyone else.  He loves his bed and I love that he has been potty trained all summer!
Ty has a way with the ladies.  Here he is showing off his eyebrows.  Cade has trained him to say, "Cade is the best"  when anyone asks him who the best is. 
Ty loves to boogy and try gymnastics moves, thanks to all his sisters.  One day Cade walked in the house and Ty had put on booty shorts and a leotard.  Cade had that off him so fast and went and put Ty in basketball shorts.  Now Ty loves his basketball shorts and makes sure Cade knows he has them on when he gets home from school.

Another teenager in the house!

 Ashley turns 13!
We celebrated Ashley's Birthday by having lots of friends over for a Hillbilly video scavenger hunt.  Everyone was supposed to dress up like a hillbilly or redneck.  When they came to the house they each got to wear a name tag with their new hillbilly name for the night like Billy Bob or Betty Lou. I recruited Emily and Janet to help me run to other cars around. 

 Savana and Milkayla hid in the back of the Tahoe and happened to appear at our first stop on the scavenger hunt!
  Hillbilly Video Scavenger Hunt

10 points:
Find a stranger to spell “HILLBILLY” forward and backwards. (10)
A team member hugging a stranger (10)

Find a stranger who will act like a red neck and say, "Go fetch me a drink while I use the outhouse " (10)

Ask a little kid to sing Mary had a little Lamb (10)

Two group members hanging upside down on monkey bars making monkey sounds (10)

Feed a horse a carrot (10)
Everyone find a piece of hay and put it in your mouth and each introduce yourself with your hillbillie name (10)
15 points:
Your group in grocery store holding a pack of hotdogs singing "I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner" (15)

3 team members being pushed in a shopping cart (15)
Use your hands to fetch some water down by the creek with bare feet (15)

Get 2 total strangers to sing and do the motions to YMCA with your entire group. (15)

Someone in group chugging a whole can soda and belching (15)

Ask a stranger to join your whole group in dancing to cotton eye joe (15)
20 points:
Going to store and making a human pyramid (20)

Find a stranger who will let you wrap them up in toilet paper like a mummy. (20)

Go to a grave yard and find a tomb stone that has Billy or Bob somewhere in the name. (20)

Roll up pants and walk through store with bare feet to the shoe aisle (20)

Group walking through Kentucky Fried Chicken flapping their wings and making chicken noises (20)

Attempt cow tipping
25 points:
Find a random person to play you a fiddle song while everyone claps their hands and yee-haws! (25)
Video a stranger showing their plumbers crack (25)

Kyler guzzling a soda

 Wrapped up stranger like a mummy

 Dancing to Cotton Eye Joe
 This guy was hilarious.  He worked at Mr. Gas and really got into the YMCA.

 Trying to beat Emily's group at the grave yard.
  Good thing we found her phone laying in the grass!
  Happy Birthday Ashley

Gotta Love it

 1st BYU home game of the season
Kids and their Cougar Tails!
The girls missed a day and half of school in the first week to go to the game.  None of them seemed to mind though!  They had a great time with their Dad and enjoyed eating whatever treats they wanted. 


8 is Great!
Hailey turned 8 and was baptized on September 1st 2012.  We had debated on whether or not to have her baptism in Utah because a lot of the family was there and would be able to attend.  Even a lot of the Kellers were there for a BYU game.  In the end we decided just to stay in Burley.  I was glad we did as I was able to attend the precious funeral of my friends newborn baby.  

I worked on Saturday and was shocked to come home and see Grandma and Grandpa Shirley, Rad, Wendy, Olivia, Alex, and Elle.  Hailey was so happy to have them all there.  They played in the terrible storm outside. We had tornado warnings that afternoon with incredible rain, wind, and hail.  They were soaked but loving every second of it.  By night the storm was over and they slept outside in the backyard in our tent.  Hailey enjoyed eating her favorite food sweet potatoes on this special day.  She was so excited to open up two gifts.  Scriptures from Grandma and Grandpa Keller and scripture case (loaded with pencils, treats, kleenex) from Grandma and Grandpa Shirley. 

Hailey's cute personality shining through!

How happy I was to see Hailey getting baptized and dressed all in white.  This past month my testimony has been strengthened as I have been a part of many events.  Besides family reunions, Dave and I celebrated our anniversary, our niece was married in the temple, my brother blessed their new baby boy, one of my good friends buried her perfect little baby girl, and then Hailey was baptized to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints and received the gift of the Holy Ghost.  How grateful I am for the plan of salvation and the knowledge that families can be together forever. 

When I was walking home from Elsie's funeral (my friends baby who just lived a few moments)  I saw Dave and kids pulling up in the car into our driveway.  They had left the day before to a BYU football game and were just returning home.  For the game everyone was supposed to wear white to create a "whiteout."  The kids got out of the car still all dressed in white and came running towards me with big smiles.  This made me think that this is how heaven will be. Our loved ones meeting and greeting us.  I know that little baby Elsie was welcomed with open arms and once again I am grateful for eternal families.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

1 Day of School

 So here it is -  another year of school starting!  The kids were all excited for the first day.  After the first few days they were ready to be back on summer break.  They just liked seeing all their friends but now are not at all excited for the work.

 I have the most pics of Valerie on the first day of Kindergarten because she had time not starting until afternoon and she loves to pose.  She will be in Mrs. Plotts class.  This is my 5th kid to have her as a kindergarten teacher.  She is the best and they have all loved her.  Valerie only knows one other kid in her class and he is a boy.  She meets friends easily so she was not worried. 

Cade a sophmore
Time is going to fast.  Cade is starting piano lessons this year.  He is also going to be a part of the school choir club, Bel Cantos.  He enjoys working out at the club but was not too happy the other day when his cell phone got stolen from the locker room. He is ready for the COLD to come so he can start snowboarding! Cade has been fun to be around and talkative lately.  Ty gets so excited to see him when he comes home. They stick together as boy brother buddies!
Mikayla 5th Grade
This is the first time she has not had a sibling in the same school as her.  My morning drop off consists of 4 different schools!  Mikayla is a very thoughtful and sensitive girl.  She is back into the swing of things with her honors math and English classes.  She is getting back on track with violin and will start volleyball soon with me as her coach.
 Ashley 7th Grade
This is her first year at the Jr. High.  She will be a busy little body this year as she is currently a cheerleader and playing volleyball for the school team.  Basketball will come next and she wants to continue clogging and having her mom be her personal chauffer!  Good thing she is so organized and on top of everything!
 Hailey 2nd Grade
Hailey likes school but mostly just so she can tumble at recess.  Hailey is delightful and is fine observing everyone and not getting caught up in all the drama.  I love this about her.  She is just a sweet and kind person.
 And their off...
It is just Ty, Val, and myself in the mornings now. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tying the Knot

Kara & Derek Bishop
August 24, 2012
Sealed Together Forever Mount Timpanogos Temple
Wow!  We have not been home one weekend in August but the oldest of the Shirley cousins got married and we were not about to miss it! We were so excited for Kara and her whole day turned out perfect down to the weather for their outside reception.

Buddies Ty & Wyatt

Reception in Rad & Wendy's backyard

Elle & Valerie were looking like someone spiked the punch by the end of the night!