Dave, Steph, Cade, Ashley, Mikayla, Hailey, Valerie, & Ty

We may not have it all together, but togeth
er we have it all.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Angels among us!

Ty is a busy little body with no cares in the world. He is adventurous and loves to explore. We now put duct tape on his gloves so that he will not take them off. I spend a lot of time looking for his gloves and hand pads because he can manage to get them off somehow even if it requires using his teeth. Most people when they see his gloves think they are part of his outfit seems how he does have a color to match every outfit, instead of a required use for his burned hands. I always get asked where I purchased them and where could they find a pair. Most people think they are little motorbike/riding gloves.

Recently we were all feeling relieved after returning from one of our many trips to Utah from a BYU football game. Cade has his permit and was driving us home. We were just about to get off the freeway to our exit when a big dirt cloud just barely missed the front of our car. We quickly pulled over to see what had happened. A four wheeler come out of a trailer from a truck in front of us and had barely missed our tahoe and was still rolling on the ground. We all took a deep breath and said a little prayer that we had "angels among us" watching over our family.

Not even a half an hour later we were at home unpacking the Tahoe when we noticed Ty was not to be found anywhere. (Unpacking and loose Ty never equal good) I started looking up and down the neighborhood with no luck. I started calling for the whole family to help. We were all getting very worried. I must have had the frantic look as I was running down the road because a car stopped me and asked me if I was looking for a little boy. They told me they saw a little boy of few roads over with a lot of people standing around. Ty had gone out of our neighborhood across one of the BUSIEST roads in our town and had kept going down another road. He was on his motorized four wheeler that goes very fast, thanks to his Uncle Ben. I was frantic and grateful all at once as I ran to find him. He had caused a few people to stop and wonder who he was. They were following him on his 4 wheeler. I grabbed him and one guy said, "you better take the keys away from him." Ty looked like he was just enjoying life riding his 4 wheeler with his riding(burn) gloves on. Once again, I was so grateful it was a Sunday and the rode was not as busy as usual and that kind people had stopped to protect him. Thank you angels!

My brothers give Ty a hard time because he is taking up all the angels time. They say the angels can't even get a lunch break! In fact they tried once and that is when Ty burned his hands.

All grown up

How can a haircut make my little Tyster look all grown up? I can't believe it. He got his hair cut today and not only does he look older I think he acts different too! I had a hard time deciding whether or not to cut his hair. I love his white hair with a little bit of curl in the back but the problem is that there is not as much hair in front and it was starting to look like a mullet!


He was so good because he was sooooo tired!


You are BUSTED!

With the help of a few of Cade's extra Mom's and myself we were able to come up with something clever for Cade on his 15th Birthday. He got sent on a EVIDENCE HUNT starting at school.

He was taken out of class in the afternoon by the Vice Principal. He was told that the dogs had been at the school sniffing the lockers and that his was suspicious for drugs. The VP needed him to come with her and open his locker. (I was a little worried about this because he seldom uses his locker and probably wouldn't know his combination or even where it was located). When he first opened his locker this is what he found:

A bag of powder and on it the note said, " You have been BUSTED and charged with possession of drugs at the age of 15! To pay back your charges you must return with all the evidence.

Clue #1: Since you are RED HOT with the law, you will need to cool off with a BLIZZARD!
(already paid for)

At Dairy Queen he was given
Clue #2: Now that you are shivering you will need to warm up. Go to a house that begins with N and ends with Cole.

(I thought this clue might throw him off into thinking it wasn't his mom making him go on the hunt but a girl. He wasn't fooled. He texted me and told me I was weird but I know that he was having a good time).

At Nicole's house he received a present that was a hoodie sweatshirt.
And Clue #3: Stop dragging your feet and go to the Racquetball Club and ask the front desk for some more evidence. (It worked out, with a little help from me, that one of his friends was older and had a car so they could drive around to all these places).
At the club he was given some socks and
Clue #4: One last destination to reach the MOTHER LOAD! You must pick up your final charge at a place that will supply your outdoor entertainment all winter long.

He made it to the Sporting Goods Store and was greeted with this card:
And on the inside:
My sources tell me Cade was nervous at first walking down the hall to his locker. I know he thought I was a little weird but I think he liked it and I know he is excited about his season snowboarding pass.
Happy Birthday Cade! We love you and are happy you are a part of our family.
Love, your MAMBA and your SUGAR DADDY!

Straw Maze with the little tikes!

I got to be the mom helper and go to the straw maze with the preschoolers for their Halloween Party. They were all dressed up and had a blast! Valerie is mature beyond her years. She is kind of a boss and a take charge type. She made sure she watched over everyone that drove with us in our car.

Lately Valerie can be a little sassy and seem to get a way with it because she does it in such a cute way. I can be texting on the phone and hear her say, "Mom what is more important? Texting your friend or feeding your children?" Hence below:

Halloween Fun

The boys in the family didn't dress up this year.

Ty LOVES candy! I don't think he has had real food for a while. He keeps holding out for the sugar. He can find candy anywhere even when I think it is hidden. I know because I find the wrappers and sucker sticks all over the floor! He has become masterful at taking off his gloves. I now have to tape them on with duct tape. The only duct tape we have is pink zebra stripes!

My adorable little Dragon and his Easter basket???
He doesn't care - it didn't take him long to figure out people will give him candy.

Ward dinner and trunk or treat! We need this every year but on Halloween night. Our neighborhood is CRAZY! I mean CRAZY as in no cars allowed inside and a cop patrolling the entrance. We were out of candy by 7:05 pm and I spent 50 dollars worth. We had 2 more hours of hiding downstairs avoiding the knocks even with our house dark.

I am a BYU fan

Valerie went from sweet princess fairy for her preschool party to a Devil on Halloween.
She cracks me up. She said, "Mom I think the Devil is an animal so he is probably pretty hairy so you could paint hair on my face."

Poor Chandra looks a little embarrassed! She is just one of the girls.

Wow! Halloween week is over! I think we dressed up 4 nights between school parties, carnivals, ward trunk or treats, and the actual Halloween night.


We planned a spooky night out with our husbands for a Halloween surprise. We spooked them with a candygram and took them to the Haunted Mansions.

We then dressed up again the next night to attend the Zumba party as the 3 Devils! It got a little hot working out with eye lashes on but ohhh so fun!

Soccer State Champs

We went and saw my cousin Jessica Berg play in the 5a State Championship Soccer match. What a great game to go to. It was tied in over time at 0 to 0 and then Jesse scored the winning goal. Way to go Rocky Mountain. Valerie and Quincy nearly lost their voices as they were cheering so very loudly for Jesse the entire game.

Farewell Again

Off my parents go to serve as missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Buenos Aires, Argentina Mission. This is their second spanish speaking mission. We are grateful for their sacrifice and example. We will miss you but know you will touch the lives of many!

Good times with the FAMILY!