Dave, Steph, Cade, Ashley, Mikayla, Hailey, Valerie, & Ty

We may not have it all together, but togeth
er we have it all.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ashley at 14

Alex, Ashley, Abby, Averie, Maddie

I love this girl!  Ashley turned 14 on September 10th.  It was a Tuesday and also her first game to cheer at an 8th grade football game. She had a packed day with volleyball practice and cheer but we still managed to steal her away from school for lunch with her mom, dad, and Ty.  After the football game, I invited a few friends over to grill hamburgers, eat chips and salsa, and have DQ cake (all Ashley's favorite).  

Ashley is a confident, smart, and talented girl.  She likes to have a good time and is always great at helping out the little girls get their hair done!  She is easy to get a long with and loves to be involved in everything!  I often tease her that she needs her own personal driver to take her from place to place.

 Young women leaders came to give treats
 Ty not liking that Ashley is getting all the attention so he stands on his bike and waits till someone notices.

 The BRACE "A's"

 Cade's friends came and sang Happy Birthday to Ashley.
Cade was at work.
Trick candles that Ty found amazing but Ashley not so much.

What was that?

1st BYU home game of the season vs. Texas
We all ate at sensuous sandwich, a favorite from college.  Notice the sunny light shining through!  No one dared try the 2 foot challenge this time because everyone wanted to enjoy the game and not worry about keeping food down.

We met more family at the bookstore.  We bought our souvenirs and then went to head out to walk to the stadium.  We didn't even get out of the bookstore because of the crazy weather.  Big black clouds came all at once, pouring rain, and huge wind.  We were stranded and the game ended up being delayed 2 hours for 2 weeks in a row!  We passed the time by buying garbage bags, searching for bigger garbage bags, eating more, drinking hot chocolate, and hanging out in the Sports Bar (if that is what you call it when its is alcohol free!)  It was well worth the wait and none of us were dissapointed with the outcome!  We will take the win even if it was delayed!

Friday, September 6, 2013


We had a great summer but these two sum it up on how I feel after the first week of school!

Ty & Slade

Ty (3) and Slade(4)
I have picture of Cade and Skylar (big brothers) at this age both wearing the same GAP shirt on the first day of preschool at Miss Dawns.

 This year Melanie and I are going to swap kids once a week on the days we each work.  Our kids so far are loving having a playmate.  I was watching Slade on his first day of school so Ty got to come with me to take him.  Slade started crying so Miss Brittany suggested Ty stay with him the first day.  Ty was pumped and Slade ended up having a great day.  Maybe Ty will join in January.  But for now I want him to be able to have some one on one time with just me!

Ty has also discovered how to get to Will's house at the end of the coulde'sac.  These two have become little buddies this summer running around in just their swimming suits.  I have seen them riding their bikes with hockey gloves and helmets on, no shoes, and Ty carrying a baby doll all wrapped up.  

True Blue

We love this time of year.  It starts cooling off and you can feel FOOTBALL in the air!  The whole family was pumped and ready for the first game BYU vs. Virginia.  Dave surprised us all and brought home new shirts and blue cream soda.  Ty was so excited to eat "chicken weenies" as he calls them instead of wings.  There was a 2 hour rain delay during the game that left us stuck in front of our TV just waiting.  Painful ending but we are recovering and ready to head to the cougar stadium to cheer them on this weekend!

Already School?!

Ashley new doo with bangs...starting 8th grade at Jr. High
Mikayla 6th grade White Pine
 Valerie 1st grade (all day)
Cade Junior in High School
 Buds forever
Noah, Cade, Braeden, Kaden

Hailey 3rd Grade
Yep that is still 4 different schools in the morning for drop offs!

Chokecherry Pickin

Saturday afternoon started off with Dave deciding last minute to go up to some canyon and pick chokecherries to make syrup. Hailey and Valerie were eager volunteers!

They got a big bowl and sack full and started heading home when they got a flat tire.  Dave got out of the Tahoe and started changing the tire.  But as he was doing so he heard hissing from another tire.  They ended up with two flat tires.  Luckily, he had service for a minute and called me and told me to find him a spare.  Then the phone went dead.  I had no idea where and what kind of spare to find.  I also had no idea where they were.  First person I call in situations like this are Billy and Melanie.  Billy helped me find a spare tire that would fit from his nephew. By then Dave was able to call back and give me some vague instructions on where to go before losing service again.  So it had already been 45 minutes and I still had at least a 45 minute drive.  I was getting worried because it was going to get dark soon and I was not sure where to go and my GPS wasn't working.  I drove for what seemed like forever and then came to a place in the road where I could turn 3 different places.  I didn't remember this in the directions.  There was only supposed to be one turn.  I was in the middle of no where! I sat there then turned and said a little prayer.  Immediately in the middle of no where a pick up drove by that I was able to flag down and ask directions.  I had gone to far.  I turned back with a new set of directions.  Come to find out the road to turn on had a different name with a smaller name ( the one I was looking for) written below it but near impossible to see especially now that it was dusk.  I was able to finally find them and was so relieved!  They were all thirsty which I had no water to give them and a little hungry but learned not to eat the chokecherries plain or you will really choke!

Dave changed both tires and we headed home.  On the way home, I was able to have a great talk with the girls about prayer and relate it to making a phone call for help.  Valerie was even able to give a talk the next day in church and shared this experience.  

The actual syrup making!  Tastes delicious and is worth Gold!  We ended up having to buy 2 brand new tires because the tears were too big!  Oh well, another memory making moment!

Hailey Birthday #9

Hailey turns 9!

 She couldn't wait to start opening her presents Saturday morning August 24 2013.  She started opening random things like sea salt, a half coconut, a shell.  She was confused but kept smiling.  

 She was super excited when she opened up last present and saw 2 hermit crabs!

 Party Time
Averie, Valerie, Hailey, Maddie, Erin, Abree, Sarah, Jemma and Taylor not in pic

We first had pizza, cake, chocolate and white cheescake and icecream then we headed to twin falls to the skating rink!  They all absolutely loved the skating rink.  I had no idea if it would be a hit or not but they could have stayed a lot longer.  I'm pretty sure they were all bruised and sore the next day!

More ice cream and pop and then off to the park for face painting!
They each had a stripe of color in their hair with face color to match.

Dad the real artist