Dave, Steph, Cade, Ashley, Mikayla, Hailey, Valerie, & Ty

We may not have it all together, but togeth
er we have it all.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Where does the time go?

Mikayla, Bear, Ashley

Cade & Hailey

Dave just sent me these pictures he found on his computer. It seems just like yesterday. I can't believe how old they are now!

Dave and I attended our first ever Republican Caucus this past month. It was kind of exciting. Romney won by a long shot. We were surrounded by some serious Romney fans. They had matching t-shirts, signs, and started the crowd in chants.

Ty is working on training Chandra. He asks for a treat and then holds out his hand and makes her stay. He then says come and she comes running to him. It is cute because she is as big as him. Ty is also starting to potty train when he wants. He does really good if he knows he can get a treat for himself!

St. Patty Day

We surprised our husbands with a fun date to Jackpot for St. Patty Day. We don't gamble but we sure all love to eat CRAB! It was worth the drive through a terrible snowstorm to eat all you can eat crab and of course talk and laugh!

Camping in Snow Caves

Cade and Dave headed out with the Young Men to camp in snow caves that they made. They had fun but their sleeping bags were so wet by morning that they could ring them out. Dave opted to stay in the Tahoe ( I would opt to not go at all). The next day after no sleep they went snowboarding. Cade actually has learned to ski this year too.

Preschool Field Trip

Ty and I were able to be helpers on a field trip with Valerie's preschool to see the baby lambs. We were lucky enough to see 2 lambs born. The kids all got to go in the stalls and pet some of the baby lambs. Ty was no exception. He jumped right in there and loved every second!

Season End

A Young Women off the court and a fiesty one on the court!

Yesterday was Ashley's last tournament this year for traveling basketball. She has had so fun and can be quite feisty on the court! The girls did great and had a blast between games eating out and putting on green glitter lipstick at the mall. (We ate at Golden Corral which was a first for Valerie and Hailey. They were in heaven. Valerie asked if she can bring all her friends there. Who wouldn't want unlimited cotton candy and ice cream!)

Sydney, Natalie, Jaida, Maddie, Sadie, Ashley, Lyndsay, Averie, Rebecca, Hallie (left to right)
Coaches Brek Pilling & Travis Anderson

Ty had fun at the games with his buddy, Will. They played cars and shared water. Everything was going along great until Ty fell down the bleachers holding on to a stroller. A few scrapes on the face and he was back to playing.

I love the pouty faces!

What's up Dog?

Ty making us laugh in the car. He pretends to sing by whispering. He really "feels" the music!

Ashley & Sydney Clog Duet

6th Grade Talent Show
Ashley and Sydney Clogging
"Its my turn now"

Monday, March 5, 2012

Just for fun

The kids (mostly Valerie and Hailey) are always taking my phone and making movie clips and taking pictures of themselves.

Mid life crisis?

Dave had a Birthday and bought himself an electric guitar with an amp? Hmmm he has never played the guitar but has decided to learn. I don't know where he will find the time but I am highly encouraging it. I think it would be a good form of stress relief to be able to rock out!

Actually I think Cade is going to benefit from this birthday gift. Cade is actually the one who has started to take guitar lessons.

So now we are the proud owners of 2 guitars!
Dave can learn on the acoustic and Cade on the electric!

We love you DAD!


Hailey and Mikayla both just finished city league basketball. I only have pictures of Hailey because I coached Mikayla's team and obviously couldn't do both at the same time.

This was Hailey's first year. She was very unsure about trying something new. She said it wasn't girly and all you did was run so how could that be fun. After a few practices she got the idea of what you were supposed to do and started liking it. She didn't like to dribble a lot but had a dead on shot if she was in the key. It took a little while of not touching and being nice before she realized you can just grab the ball away from someone. It was fun to see her come alive and smile while running down the court.

Kayla Reaches Double Digits!

Mikayla turned 10 on February 26th! The day before she turned 10 she was able to play in her 3rd violin festival. She scored a superior despite Ty breaking a violin string 30 minutes before going in front of the judge.

For her Birthday she invited a friend, Marli Draper to go swimming, shopping and to dinner at Johny Carinos. They had a fun time trying on high heel shoes and being silly.

Marli was excited to walk away with her first ever Aeropostale shirt.

On Sunday we did a family party and ate her favorite dinner, RIBS made by her Dad and caramel popcorn shaped into a cake instead of real cake.

She got some Orbeez which we all tried out that night while watching a family movie. It is a foot spa with little balls that grow in the water. They feel awesome!

Mikayla is such a thoughtful girl. She let us celebrate her Birthday on a different day because we were so busy on her day. Ashley had a basketball tournament, I played in a volleyball tournament and Mikayla had violin festival. Ashley and I both awoke to a bottle of treats with a sweet note telling us good luck! What a sweetheart!

You Did What?

It wouldn't be a normal day if I wasn't surprised by something Ty did or got into.....

For instance tearing down all the clothes from my closet shelves (he did have help from a friend).

Trying to hide in the fridge?

Finding and eating anything that has sugar in it.

Coloring himself in markers or my makeup seems to be a daily job... I do have to say he is potty training and doing awesome right now! Anything for a treat!

He loves his CAR backpack given to him by the Poulsens. He loves it so much he wouldn't take it off. That is why you see him sleeping in it. Of course it is loaded full of his favorite cars.

It is a good thing he is just so dang cute!