Dave, Steph, Cade, Ashley, Mikayla, Hailey, Valerie, & Ty

We may not have it all together, but togeth
er we have it all.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Las Vegas

Dave took me on a birthday trip to Las Vegas last weekend. He made all the arrangements from flights to shows. I just enjoyed myself and left all 6 kiddos behind with my mom. We shopped a lot, ate a lot of crab, went to Lion King and the LaReve. It was so nice spending time together. We stayed at Planet Hollywood towers which led right out into a mall. We never had to visit the casinos. It was great because I never got a headache and we didn't smell like smoke. Thanks Dave for an awesome trip!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Da Girls

All the girls......and Dad!

Back again for surgery

While waiting for surgery, Ty discovered T.V. He was so excited watching Barney. The nurses were all laughing at him dance around.

This go round for Ty was soooo much better. He had a Dr's appt. Thursday and outpatient surgery on Friday. Of course they were behind so we waited and waited. Ty did amazingly well considering no food or bottle from 7am until 3pm when they finally wheeled him off to surgery. I got to see him about 5pm in recovery and finally felt relief that everything went as planned. I can say I really don't want to wait in that waiting room anytime soon! 4 surgeries in 10 months of his little life is plenty. I have lots to be grateful for and feel blessed to have Ty as a part of our family. Thanks Cam & Erin for watching Valerie and Hailey all day. They loved going to the zoo with their cousins.

All done! 10 months old and weighs 22lbs 7 oz. What a cute chunk a lunk!


My little bro and I just celebrated our birthdays. We are exactly 12 years and 1 day apart. Thanks Cam and Erin for treating us to my favorite dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

Dave wasn't able to be there but he is making up for it by taking me to Vegas this weekend. He has even done all the planning himself!

BYU Blues

So the Cougs are not doing so hot this season but that has not stopped the kids from wanting to go to the games and get spoiled by their dad with treats and a little one on one time.

Friday, October 8, 2010


My angel baby is no more. He has learned to crawl so he is always getting stuck somewhere or bumping his head on something. He has come close to falling down the stairs, found out about toilet water, and emptied heavy pans onto his head. He has turned into a picky eater. Sometimes he actually dry heaves. Most often he just turns his head and won't eat. He has joined Chandra in finding leftovers on the floor. He must be cutting teeth now because he cries and I don't know why. He wakes up 1 to 2 times a night now. He does not like to be left alone. He prefers you being at his eye level and not just in the same room with him. Of course there are some fun things about him now. He loves the dog and wants to follow her around. He is clapping his hands and sometimes waving bye. His eyes are still big as is his smile. His laugh is contagious and I love him to pieces!

From about 6 to 9 months Ty really was an angel. It is hard to believe that has changed in just a few weeks. He was always happy and never seemed to cry. He was content sitting on the floor in one spot playing with toys. He would eat most all baby food and on my schedule. And most important he slept all night long!

I am glad I am not going back to the newborn stage. I love how cuddly he was as a newborn but not the fussiness and the constant throw up! He quit that about 7 months old. No medicine ever seemed to help. But I can sure tell he feels so much better not throwing up ALL the time and we all smell better!

Off to Party Hardy!


Valerie is so growing up! She turned the big 4 a few weeks ago. She had a party at Party Hardy and loved every second of it. It is a place full of jumpy houses and slides. There are even different rooms full of toys. They played forever with the potato heads. We were there almost 3 hours. When asked who she wanted to invite to her party, her first response was her friend Ida! (Ida is our neighbor friend from across the street who just became a Grandma. Valerie adores her and asks daily if she can go play with her).

Valerie is so spunky and strong willed. She is talkative and not really scared of much. She loves to be in control and hang out with her sister Hailey. We love her soooooo much!