Dave, Steph, Cade, Ashley, Mikayla, Hailey, Valerie, & Ty

We may not have it all together, but togeth
er we have it all.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


 Ashley's 7th grade cheer team took 1st in everything from Show to Pom routine in Pocatello at their first every competition. These girls are talented and did a great job.   

 Ashley is crazy busy but enjoys it.  The past few weeks she has gone from cheer to bball practice, to clogging, to ski school, to reffing bball, to mutual, and to vball practice.  She somehow manages to fit in homework as she just got another 4.0 last semester. 


 Ashley and team won their first bball tournament of the year.  I got to stay home with Ty while he threw up hourly and the girls had a day out with Dad. Valerie and Hailey were most excited because they had free Volcano drinks they earned from school and were dying to drive to Twin Falls and redeem them. They were actually quite cool.  They each added a little ball to the drink and they overflowed causing lots of giggles!

Valentines Day

 Kayla, Maddie, and Samantha made cookies and shared with neighbors 

Our annual Valentines Day Dinner.  We had red velvet crepes among other pink stuff!

Dave brought home each of the girls some flowers.

First Ever Gym Competition

Hailey is a level 4 and went to her first ever competition in twin falls.  She has a floor, beam, bar, and vault routine memorized.  We have learned a lot about this sport and have much more to learn! Hailey loves it and could go everyday!

Random Stuff

We had a month of COLD weather.  

Cade couldn't find the eyebrow pluckers so this is what he tried!

Our Midnight date to Winco. 2 shopping carts full! 
After seeing Les Miserables, of course!
Only in Idaho are you wearing flip flops and thinking spring and then the next day 
SNOW and drive your TRACTOR to school day.


Every year I pretend I home school my children for one day a week in January so I can take them snowboarding.  So far that is how Cade, Ashley, and Mikayla have learned.  It is for a great deal and it includes a lesson.  This year only Mikayla and myself were going to be able to go.  We headed up on our first day on January 8th 2013.  We had had a great day despite the icy snow that kept sticking to our goggles.  We were on our last afternoon run when the tears started.  I was behind Mikayla so I didn't see her wreck but I sure heard the aftermath!  

She must have looked back to find me and hit a divit in the snow (it was an icy blizzard outside).  Her friend Kierra was the first one there and said she did a flip.  The way she was crying we knew there was something wrong.  We waited on the mountain forever for ski patrol to pull her down.  I held her leg and tried to distract her for nearly 45 minutes.  I even tried asking her about her favorite candy but nothing was working. She was in terrible pain.  (On the way up on the lift before the crash, Kayla was telling me that the last time she was up snowboarding with her friend someone had to be tobaggoned down and they covered their head so they didn't know if they were alive or not.  Well, little did we know she would be minutes away from a ride like that but she was very much ALIVE!)
The ski patrol guys splinted it in carpet padding and cardboard until we got to the hospital.  Sure enough, she had a buckle fracture of her left tibia.  The Dr. splinted it and sent us home for the night until the next day when we could have the orthopedic surgeon cast it.  We were orginally told she would have a full leg cast so we were both excited when it was below the knee.  The first few days were rough, no sleep, bad dreams, and a lot of pain. I think a lot was realizing how much she was going to miss out on.  
 She missed a few days of school and then went back on crutches.  I have taken her to school and picked her up everyday.  Her friend Maddie has been great to help her carry her backpack on open doors.  It has been so icy and cold that I have been worried she would slip or get bumped into and hurt something else.  So far so good.  I only go one call and that was because the wind not her over into a puddle.

Violin practicing was a little bit challenging.  Luckily, she got on her boot right before festival so she could stand and play and she did SUPER!  I was more nervous for her than she was before festival!
After 3 1/2 weeks it was time for a new cast.  We were again surprised and got a walking boot instead of a cast.  Yes she could shower!

 Left leg a little skinnier but already sticks to start with!

The Boot!