Dave, Steph, Cade, Ashley, Mikayla, Hailey, Valerie, & Ty

We may not have it all together, but togeth
er we have it all.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Countdown Is On!

Okay so I only have 19 more days until I have a scheduled induction. I can't believe it will be happening so soon. I still have so much to do that I am getting a little bit pyschotic according to Dave. I wish he would start nesting with me so we could get a lot done. If you look at the picture you can kind of tell I did get the upstairs painting done, Dave got the wood floor in and we had new carpet installed! Now I just have cabinets left to refinish but that will have to wait for after the baby.

So the dog has been fairly well behaved until yesterday. I was at Cade's tournament all day and Dave was at work. Hence the girls were in charge. I came home to find the dog had been chewing on the edges of my new carpet and also made a couple of holes. I lost it and want the dog banned to the garage. So far I am losing this battle but I did get treated to Sunday dinner in bed with my favorite food - CRAB!

Over for now

Cade just played in his last tournament before 7th grade basketball tryouts in December. We have been to Logan 3 times in the past month for games. He has had great coaches and learned a lot these past couple of years. It helps that he has such great friends to play and hang out with. They are a good group of boys that we enjoy having in our home anytime!

Weekend Get Away

Dave really did have a good time hanging out with me even though he looks like he is being tortured. He just hates pictures and so I have very few of him!

Once a year Dave has Highway District meetings in Boise which means we get a few days together alone. We left the older kids home and brought the 3 younger kids to my parents home. What a wonderful break of sleeping in and just doing nothing! No practicing, car pooling, doing girls hair before school, or laundry! It was fun just being with Dave and remembering all the reasons I really love this guy!

Dinner Party

A few of my friends and I were able to plan and host a "New Moon"dinner for all the Extraordinary Housewives. We had a blast planning, decorating, and finally all hanging out together. (for more pics see the Extraordinary Housewives blog)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Last weekend my mom, and 2 sister in laws, Jenn and Erin took off to Utah for a 3 day 3 night GIRLS TRIP! How fun it was once all the kid arrangements were made and we were together. I feel so lucky to have awesome sister in laws since I have no biological sisters. We had nothing planned but shopping, eating, and talking. I honestly didn't think we could shop for 3 days straight but we pulled it off easily! It got easier and easier to swipe that card! A favorite stop was Victoria Secret. Since I was 34 weeks pregnant I was happy to be the go getter and not the one trying on. We had some good laughs and made some good memories. We only went to 1 movie and then realized we should have followed Jenn's advice and not gone. I strongly recommend not seeing "The Box". It was anything but what I imagined it would be!

Lunch with the girls and Derek

We had to STUFF the back of the car in order to accomodate all of our great deals!

Saying good bye at the airport. Thanks guys for the memories and laughs!

1st teenager!

My slippers?

Cade showing patience as he is attacked by loving sisters!

Cade has mastered the swoop hair doo!

Cade had a birthday, shout HOORAY! He turned 13! He is our first teenager! We surprised him with a shotgun that he has been saving for. Time is flying by. I love that Cade can be so laid back and not get razzled by his sisters bugging him continually. I love his smile with his dimple. I love his kind, sweet heart and willingness to help out. We are glad to have you as part of our family.

Random moments

Ashley and Mikayla both finished up playing soccer last month. We missed quite a few games due to BYU football games but they still loved the chance to play. Ashley's team was 4th through 7th grade boys and girls! What an age difference. That didn't stop her though. She can turn it on when she wants to go! (I have no pics of Mikayla, so sad) She was one of 3 girls on her whole team. She enjoyed an occasional kick of the ball but really loved the treats!

Buds! I love these girls!


Halloween sure flew by! Were so lucky to have good weather. I was expecting snow but instead got a million trick or treaters. My brother Derek came to stay the weekend with us. I put him to work helping me paint and pass out candy. Once again our road was blocked off by a policeman so no cars could get in the neighborhood. We had a steady stream of trick or treaters for 4 hours. We didn't even close our door. Hailey and Valerie passed out candy so eagerly at first. As they got tired they started sitting and barely peeking their hand out the door to drop in a piece of candy in each bucket. I had to send Derek out to get more candy so my own kids wouldn't have to continue to pass out all of their own candy. It was crazy and fun!

Cade had some friends over to watch scary movies. We grilled up some food and witch's brew. I think most of them got frightened by the Grudge because when we dropped them off at home they went sprinting in to their houses!

Mikayla and Maycee

Chandra the vampire

Ashley the cheerleader

Uncle Derek with ladybug Valerie and witch Hailey