Dave, Steph, Cade, Ashley, Mikayla, Hailey, Valerie, & Ty

We may not have it all together, but togeth
er we have it all.

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Boys!


Valerie's mullet is gone! Her hair just won't seem to grow on the sides so we cut it off. She was so excited. She went home and told her Dad she got a "shortcut!"

Party time

Ash turned 11 on September 10th. She has a fun group of friends that she was able to invite over for game night and dinner. Ash has a fun bubbly personality. She likes certain things and is okay with being different. She chose strawberry waffles, whip cream, OJ, and little smokies for dinner. She doesn't like cake so we had peanut butter chocolate bars. We played all sorts of games - Diva friend feud, had a scavenger hunt, candybar game, and a favorite game learned from Uncle Derek. We did a lot of laughing that night. She is happy with her new skull candy headphones, finger nail polish, and silly bands.

Shelby, Natalie, Sydney

Shaylee, Marli, Lyndsey

Marli, Lyndsey, Ashley, Jaylee, Kierra

Hallie, Maycee, Mikayla

Birthday Girl

Hailey turned 6 back on August 24th just a few days before starting Kindergarten. We were on our way home from Oregon and stopped in Meridian to celebrate her birthday there. We had family and cousins over and had a water party with a slip n slide, water balloons, and bubbles. We had pizza, cheetos, chicken nuggets, and strawberries for lunch - all of Hailey's favorites of course. Hailey can get a long with most anyone in her quiet observant way. She loves the color purple and playing the game mother may I. She still likes to watch Dora but doesn't really want that news to get out!

I thought we had lost Hailey last Sunday. What a terrifying feeling. After much panic and prayer she was found and I was relieved. We love our Hailey Bailey Pudding Pie!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Start of School!

School is already here! I can't believe it. It just seems like I finally got the summer routine figured out. I believe most of the kids are excited for school.

I feel like I am getting this look a lot from my kids lately. Have I become the old Mom that doesn't get all hyped up with all the new trends? Bright pink shirts and backpacks for Cade, skinny tight jeans and converse shoes for older girls...... I'm sure glad Hailey lets me still dress her how I want! (but even she and Valerie have an opinion - I guess its just Ty then! But I am pretty sure if Ty could talk he wouldn't want me dressing him in this lion costume either.

Cade will be in the 8th grade and had no desire for me to accompany him on his first day of school to help him with schedule changes.

Ashley is my social butterfly and excited to see all of her friends in the 5th grade.

Ashley and Sydney

Mikayla or sunshine as we call her is easy going and just goes along with all the chaos. She is starting the 3rd grade. I took both of these girls to school carrying their heavy backpacks loaded with supplies through the halls since we missed back to school night. Doubt they will want me doing that much longer.

Hailey is starting afternoon kindergarten. If you ask her if she is excited she just stares at you with her big eyes like she is saying, "Of course I am, why would you ask me that?!"

Averie & Hailey

Valerie is full of life. She could as well be starting school since she acts like she is a teenager but she will be home with me asking me all day when her sister and friends will be home.

I had to try an outfit on Ty since everyone else was wearing new clothes - his just happened to be a Halloween lion costume. He is crawling a few feet at a time and rolling everywhere!

Keller Reunion Oregon Coast 2010

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