Dave, Steph, Cade, Ashley, Mikayla, Hailey, Valerie, & Ty

We may not have it all together, but togeth
er we have it all.

Friday, May 27, 2011

My beautiful ballerina

So far Mikayla is the only one of my girls that has been interested in ballet. She performed by herself in front of a judge who flew in from New York. It is something called Performance Awards and all the girls on the same level learn the same dance and then are judged. It is a national program. She did super. I wish I knew about ballet but I am slowly learning! She looked beautiful and graceful. Something I never could pull off!

We are strong enough

future tumblers
Kynlie and Valerie

Averie, Ashley, Hailey

Averie & Hailey

Sisters Rock!

Syndey, Ashley, Maycee

Tumbling is now officially over for the year. What a show all the tumblers put on! There must have been 250 kids out there. They all did fantastic.


Mikayla and friends Abby and Taylee coloring hair after the last day of school!

The end of school brings lots of projects to finish, papers to write, and finals to study for. That is if you are older. The younger kids seem to have nonstop parties and the need to bring money and snacks everyday! All four kids passed and will be moving on! I need to gear up for a crazy summer. I thought it might calm down a bit but that is not likely to happen. For the next month we will be at baseball games 5 days a week. Cade will be starting drivers ed in the mornings at 7 am and then head straight over to summer basketball. We will throw in ballet camp, swimming lessons, gymnastics camp, violin, volleyball camp, and then see if we can get into any sort of schedule. Bring it on I guess! As long as it outside Ty will be happy.

Ashley did a power point on what she wants to be when she grows up. She chose a lawyer. She interviewed Dave, talked to a Judge, and then toured the courtroom.

Cade and Dave spent time working together on some gun with an air compressor that shoots a tennis ball far up into the air. I guess we can use it at reunions as a candy canon.

Hailey told her class she wants to be a hairdresser when she grows up. She has already changed her mind from a candy maker. Valerie wants to be a cake decorator (she has been watching a lot of cake boss).

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I couldn't wait to see this play again. I saw it years ago in Chicago with my mom and friends, the Leishmans on a girls trip. Ever since then I have been hoping it would come closer to Idaho so I could take my girls and see it again. Thanks to my mom we were able to get tickets and go see it in Boise. She got tickets for us and many others an entire year ago!

We found out that lots plans can happen in a year. My mom was unable to go with us as she went to attend a baptism. She was able to make a seating chart for us as we had lots of family attending Ha Ha! Also, we found out that Ashley would be performing at her clogging competition in Lagoon on the same day. Things worked out and Ashley was able to get a ticket and hitch a ride with my old neighbors the Leishmans at an earlier date.

On the way....

The Girls
(Shirleys and Poulsens)

Hailey and Uncle Derek

Cameron and Birthday Girl Erin
We left Ty, Valerie, Gavin, Quincy, and Kaidence at home with 2 babysitters.

Cousin Mandy and Mikayla

Another surgery down!

Ty sailed through getting ear tubes! This has been his easiest hospital experience ever. It happened so fast. We came to the surgery center at 8:50 and we were home by 10:10! They didn't even take off his clothes. He was getting very angry before we left to the hospital because he was starving and he saw his bottle but couldn't drink it. I loaded up the kids in the car and forgot something so I ran back inside. When I came out to the car I found out that Valerie had given Ty a bottle because he was being too LOUD. I grabbed the bottle so fast. I think he only got a few swallows down....not enough to even report.

He was not sleepy at all that day. If anything he was irritated especially when they brought him back to me. We went home fast so he could eat!

Hopefully this will help the Tyster! The Dr. said he looked like he was starting to get another ear infection. One ear has been draining since surgery 4/12/11 but he has just been one happy guy!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hailey Bailey

Hailey at Kindergarten end of the year singing performance. She told me before we came to the performance that some of the songs were really stupid and the actions were even more stupid so she may not be doing them. That is my Hailey...doing her own thing and not caring what anyone else is doing. She did end up singing every song and knew all the words even though I couldn't understand them.

Hailey loves art, drawing, gluing, and any kind of craft. She spends hours at the table drawing. She did this picture all by herself. She wadded up pieces of colored paper and put them on the end of a pencil and glued them to the paper. This is a picture of her and a flower. I love what she wrote, "I love me." I hope she continues to always know who she is and to love herself as she continues to grow.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bowling with the "QUEENS"

Back Row: Hallie Cook, Jaida Page, Jayli Searle, Maddie Manning, Ashley Shirley, Lindsy Labra, Maura Merrill.
Front Row: Sunny Perry, Sadie Anderson, Sydney Pilling, Kierra Page, Mikayla Shirley, Sammy Perry, Maycee Page
We had one last get together for the "QUEENS OF THE COURT!" What a fun season we had. I love all these girls and hope to do it all again next year. It was fun to see them all connect and have lots of team spirit.

Coming to an end

Kierra & Ashley

Mixed dance with partner Garrett Morgan

The end of school year can be so hectic with recitals, field trips, parties, etc. I must remember in May I need to have lots of cash on hand. It seems everybody needs money for something! This was Ashley's end of the year clogging recital. She just has her Lagoon competition left which they all look forward to each year.

The many faces of Ty

Ty's personality has blossomed this past week. I am sure it helps that he has been feeling good. We do have him scheduled for ear tubes this coming Thursday. He has had one ear infection a month since his first tooth popped through at nearly 8 months old. Hopefully this will keep him healthy through the summer.

Ty talks nonstop but none of us know what he is really saying. He is so expressive with his big eyes and mouth. He has learned to fake cry and almost fake laugh which makes us all laugh. He is the most lovable kid ever! He LOVES babies and always feels the need to HUG them. This can frighten other parents as they think he may possibly attack their child. We have also found that some babies, no matter how soft Ty is just don't want to be hugged! He is so sweet and soft and I love that about him. I would much rather have him hugging then hitting! (I am sure that will come....)

He has also started exploring in every cupboard and shelf we own. He can barley reach the automatic water dispenser on the fridge but sure loves it and lets it flow freely all over him and the floor. He does get a little in his cup which he precedes to go dump out on the floor somewhere! He turned pink for a few days all around his mouth and his hands. He had gotten into those red tablets you use to see where you need to brush your teeth better. Maybe I should have tried toothpaste to clean up his hands and face because water/soap didn't work.


We have all been waiting (not patiently) for warm weather with NO wind and we FINALLY got a day. It was heaven! The scooters were charged and ready, feet were black from the trampoline, and smiles were found amongst all our faces!

Ty loves being outside. He will go find his shoes and bring them to us to put them on so he can go out. This is the first baby we have had that we actually have a fence. It will be so nice to keep him somewhat contained this summer. The only thing I need now is window well coverings. Leave it to Ty to discover that one!