Dave, Steph, Cade, Ashley, Mikayla, Hailey, Valerie, & Ty

We may not have it all together, but togeth
er we have it all.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ashley Clogging at Lagoon

This is kind of hard to see but Ashley in on the left in the second row.


This month has been CRAZY! There has been something everyday between end of the school performances, recitals, talent shows, and baseball starting. Last weekend we got to make a fun day out of Ashley's clogging competition at Lagoon.

Ashley & Tori

We ended up taking 3 extra Page kids with us so hence the VAN! (Thanks to Billy for letting us borrow his traveling band van). We laughed as we all started vibrating down the highway but we were very glad we had all the room.

Hailey and Valerie LOVED this ride. We went on it numerous times. The first few times we got soaked and then we figured out some tricks!

Ashley getting ready for her boy/girl dance to Puttin on the Ritz. Her partner was Bowers. She started out the year not doing clogging but the team really needed a girl so every boy could have a partner. She ended up dancing with the 5th graders instead of the 3rd graders. She enjoyed this challenge but didn't so much like having to ride the bus to clogging on Wednesdays because I was at work. She is all gung ho to do it again next year!

Cade & Skylar

Even thought they all got wet at the end of the day no one wanted to leave so onward we went for another round at WICKED!

Ashley, Kierra, Mikayla, Maycee

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Rocks!

I am so happy that I am the mother of these 5 kiddos!

I am also very grateful to have a wonderful mother and mother in law. They have been great examples to me and my family. We love them and appreciate all they do for us. We had a fun weekend being able to visit with Dave's Mom & Dad and we are on the countdown until my Mom & Dad return home from their mission! Thanks for always believing in us!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Puerto Vallarta

Hang on folks! This is going to be a long post with lots of pics! My parents (who are currently serving an LDS mission in Guadalajara), Todd & Jenn, Cameron (we missed you Erin), and of course us, all met for a week get away in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was so nice to have a break from the routine of life. We had such a relaxing time with no worries whatsoever about swine flu.

It felt good to finally track down our lost luggage and change clothes!

What a hottie!
(I bought him this outfit before we left, shhh! He thinks I am crazy wanting to buy him such a thing!)
We had the most awesome view from our PH1 condo, the Bayview Grand.

Looking up at the condo from the 3 football length pool.

Just some alligators hanging out at the golf course on the other side of our condo.

We played lots of volleyball on the beach w/out any agua! We soon found out it is not to easy to move in sand. You think you are jumping but you are really not!

Todd moving in and unloading our goods! We were surprised but glad to see shopping carts out in the parking lot of our place.

Enjoying our first meal in Mexico at Pi Pi's. We even had a guy come stand by our table and make guacamole. The loud noises/yipes he made came as a bonus! Dave ordered a burrito like he usually does at Mexican restaurants but none of us were prepared for the size of this thing! It was jinormous. We thought for sure we would be taking home leftovers. It wasn't too long before I noticed Jenn dabbing Dave's forehead with her napkin. He had eaten the whole thing! I think he must of been preparing for the Keller tradition of only 2 meals a day while on vacation.

There are some serious driving issues in Mexico. You must remember one thing - buses rule! I noticed quite of few cars missing their side mirrors. I can only assume they got to close to a BUS. There are speed bumps everywhere instead of speed limits. Out of the blue you hit one of those bumps and go flying especially in the back of a van. Between speed bumps and Dad driving with the 2 foot method my stomach got left behind often! One day we started wondering if the police ever did anything besides hold their guns and sit in the back of their trucks. It didn't take too much wondering before we got ourselves pulled over for running a red light that we really couldn't see. No ticket though - thanks to Jim who spoke his excellent Spanish to the very smiley police officer.
For our first adventure we drove the rental van to a place called Salito (I may have that name wrong - I think that means exit???). We attempted surfing while watching Jenn actually surf. I am still recovering from a big a bruise on my knee. Dave and I got a little to close!

These super duper 4 wheelers and our guide took us for one heck of a ride. Goggles were a must on this trip. We went on the beach, up the mountain, and all around the town. But the funnest part of all was going through the water at full speed!

Going... Going...

(and super soaked)

Dave the Man

Mom & Dad
I think they got the most wet of us all.

Cameron, dirty but not yet wet! Hey where is his roll of tissue paper?

Jenn & Todd

We made it!

Fajita Republic was another great place to eat. In fact we went there 2 nights in a row. It took a little searching to find the place but was well worth it. Loved the steak fajiatas and of course the virgin pina colada's. I bet that second pina colada was even better, Cam!

Guac on a spoon. Delicious!

Jenn protecting herself from little bug bites. Todd, well his lazy eye isn't all the way closed.

Mom & Dad still in love even after being together 24/7 on the mission!
What a pair!

For a entire day of fun we signed up for the Outdoor Adventure. This was a most exciting adventure that consisted of a speed boat ride, riding mules, hanging on for dear life in a back of a jeep, zip lining, and repelling down waterfalls into water. We all did it! Even Mom & Dad! I was so impressed that I was able to be up that high with my fear of heights. I must say the guides were awesome and always had us hooked to something, just in case.

The Jeep

We were not allowed to take our cameras on this adventure because of safety reasons and because we were going to be submersed in water. I mostly think it was because we had our own photographer following us around who wanted 20 dollars a pic. There would have been some priceless pictures of facial expressions if we could have taken a camera. A top pic would have been Mom coming in off the zip line at full speed and seeing nothing but the tree in front of her. You did great Mom & Dad! I sure hope I can be doing that when I am in my 60's!

We made it without any major injuries - just one sore shoulder for Mom and a lot of mosquito bites on the back of my legs. All this strenuous work earned the women an hour massage in a tent on the beach. It was so wonderful!!!!!!

Walking along the Malequan (boardwalk). The guys were not too excited to pose for us but Mom was.

The sand sculptures along the boardwalk were amazing.

Shopping at the flea market. We all ended up with things to take back to the kiddos. Dave is one of the best to go bargain shopping with. He sticks to his price and walks away. I walk away before he starts the bidding. I just can't take it!

Eating a good old hamburger at Senor Frogs.

We had an amazing time and were glad to make it back home safely. We had some issues with our plane ride home. I think some of the airline workers were on a bit of a power trip. We ended up watching our plane board and take off and then getting bumped to a 3 1/2 hr later flight for no real reason at all. We were excited to see our kids and were so grateful for Grandma & Grandpa Shirley and cousins for entertaining them for a whole week.